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Choices - Bass signal chain

I am going to record bass. I have a Dean Active 4-String (alder wood with coated flatwounds) played out of a 12" Ampeg bass combo. I will also take a DI signal too. It is in a large 40x20x12 classroom (hard surfaces, with lots of crap in it). The style of music is some kind of indie/reggae/funk.

Here are my input choices:

Signal Chain question: Recording Direct into DAW with Guitar Rack Preamp

I'm looking to record without Micing an amp or using desktop/software amp modelers. Would this be possible, correct to do this for signal chain:

Guitar > Guitar Cable > Guitar Rack Preamp (ADA MP1 or Marshall JMP1) > Stereo Cable > Apogee Duet FireWire Interface Line In > MacBook Pro > DAW

the killers, vocal signal chain, what is it? anyone know?

I love the gain/compressed/flavor/color on the vocals on the whole album, mostly this song.

anyone have any inside info on this album? the breakup sounds like this mccurdy preamp that i have access to at my bigger facility I use, but every time I hear this song, I just love the grit they got.

Compressor with no preamp?

Is it really necessary to connect a mic through a preamp first if a dbx 106A is next in line in the chain? I'm just recording guitar and vocals for home demos. I know an Avalon preamp would sound great but I don't have money to burn. I really don't want to buy an Audio Buddy either if it's not gonna be noticeable if I connect straight into a dbx 160A.

Just got the AKG C414B XL11 should i update my signal chain?

So basically since i purchased this mic (in shipping) it's had me thinking about my signal chain and if
my other components will hold back quality? Signal chain right now is Shure KSM27 mic,Custom made XLR
with starquad sheilded cable with neutric XLR connectors,into MOTU 828mk2 then recorded into Logic Pro 8.0.2