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signal drop out

I recently got an EMU 1212M in my computer - an Abit NF7-S v2, AMD 3200+, 2Gigs RAM, 2 separate HD 1 to which I do only recording. I have some drum tracks I recorded that I have been trying to put some guitar over, but Cubase SL3 keeps dropping the guitar signal. Happens at various times for various times. I have had it drop for a few seconds or for a few minutes. I does come back if I reset the driver selection in Cubase, but also can come back by itself. I have also noticed that the signal is still coming into the computer at these times, so it seems like it is in Cubase. The only other differences between recording the 8 tracks of drums, is that it was through an ADA8000, while I am patching the guitar through the card ins, and the drums are running a few plugin s(4 gates/comps and a reverb). If anyone has any ideas I could sure use some help.


Spase Sun, 05/07/2006 - 19:55
I am using Cubase SL 3, the latency is about 50ms and I am using the EMU ASIO drivers.

It is only the guitar that I am trying to record over the prerecorded drums that drops. I didn't even notice the first time until I went to play it back, but since have noticed that the signal just disapears - the meter just drops to 0. Then if I go re select the EMU ASIO in Cubase, it comes back. Or I can wait and it will come back.

Spase Mon, 05/08/2006 - 17:29
Alright, I brought it into work and recorded the drums again. I also did the guitar at the same time. There were no dropouts at all in 2 full takes plus the time between takes (unless they were pretty quick), which leads me to 2 possibilities: my home network is causing a problem, or my ADA 8000 is holding it together. I do use the ADA as the master clock, could that be taking load off the computer?

AudioGaff Sat, 05/06/2006 - 18:11
Do you have any IRQ conflicts of any kind? Make sure that you are only using the E-MU ASIO drivers within Cubase. Ig your Cubase left and right markers are not set for the whole length you wish to record, Cubase will drop out of recording mode. Tge most recent E-MU drivers give better performace than past versions for most users.

You can always reset the 1212M and PatchMix by doing a Restore Defaults. Right click the blue 3-bar E-MU logo on the system tray and choose Restore Defaults. It will reboot your PC and will also likely reset your ASIO to 50ms so you may need to change it back to what you had before.

If your system is not up to the challenge, hardware wise or optimized for audio, you will never get best possible performance. Your ASIO value may be to low choking your CPU causing drop outs as well as other audio artifacts. Defrag your hard drive often even if windows says you do not need to. If using SATA or RAID, go look for driver updates.