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I just ordered a SM57 because I need a good mic that is extremely flexiable in most applications. I will be laying vocals ontop of my instrument tracks soon. Done a lot of research on acoustics and what not but was curious if the use of a BBE 482 would be a good idea to improve my sound, every signal i've ran thru it always comes out better, wondering if I should take it raw or use it. Anyone try this? I'm pretty certain it will come down to which fits best in my mix.

Thanks for the advice in advance

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dvdhawk Wed, 02/04/2009 - 19:55

I like the BBE sound a lot if it isn't overdone.

How were you planning on routing your SM57 through it?

At some point you'll have to unbalance the signal for it to go through the BBE482.

I usually save the BBE until we have a final mix, but if you wanted to use it to some extent during the tracking - I'd say give it a try. Either way, it's a cool thing to have in your toolbox.