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how to build a brickwall limiter/maximizer with good compressors?

I don't own a good brickwall limiter/maximizer in my drawer of plugins. And I know I can get one for $29 from Waves. But I own Waves Renaissance Compressor and was wondering how to build one, if possible with a few compressors chained together or something. I was inspired to try brickwall limiting to my music by a couple of sources. I play bluegrass acoustic music.

LOGIC - WAVE L3 ultramaximizer and sample rate conversion and correct audio workflow

Hi, i have recorded a 24 tracks concert with an Alesis HD24 at 48 khz and 24 bit, i imported it in logic and mixed it, now, I am going to bounce on 2 tracks, to go to a mastering session.
so what is THE correct work flow, bouncing and sample rate conversion with logic and l3 at the end as last plug in?

Sonic Maximizer Use

I just ordered a SM57 because I need a good mic that is extremely flexiable in most applications. I will be laying vocals ontop of my instrument tracks soon. Done a lot of research on acoustics and what not but was curious if the use of a BBE 482 would be a good idea to improve my sound, every signal i've ran thru it always comes out better, wondering if I should take it raw or use it.

vocal maximizer


i've read in many forums that WavesL?-Maximizer is probably the most user friendly compressor/squasher/limiter for vocals

The L1 Maximizer is fairly cheap right now, whereas the L3 and whatever it's sequel is are not

has anyone used these to see if theres really much difference? the website descriptions have been rather unhelpful