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where to compromise

I am building a recording studio

I have a limited budget

the things I have some doubts about:
FF 400
KSM 105 Neumann or NTK
ADAM A7 monitors

the question:
If I buy a better preamp like telefunken 672 mono
I have to buy cheaper monitors like Yamaha HS80
or to give up the Neumann or NTK and maybe use my NT1A for beginning


dementedchord Sun, 04/22/2007 - 12:33
it's often been said that all design is a compromise... and your ahead of the game just realizing that... congradulations on a good first post.... my only comment and there will be others to disagree is that i would not shortchange myself in the monitor dept...if you look around you'll see lotsa people talking about how thier mixes "dont translate"well... and the need to check on multiple monitors... and while checking on different monitors aint exactly a bad idea... the reason it doesnt translate IMO is it was'nt done on good monitors to begin with.... the two most important things you can do to improve your mixes is invest in great monitors and room treatments.... you'll never really know what you got until then....