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I LOVE THIS! Bob Katz home mastering studio. kick back and master.


kmetal Thu, 11/03/2016 - 16:45

I love the fact he masters while sitting on the couch. That inspired me years ago.

Lmao @ the mackie mcu control surface. Wouldn't expect that. I think he uses sequoia which supports eucon control protocol which is Ethernet (faster response) , and the artist series are smaller in footprint.

Interestingly there's no visible bass trapping. It seems a lot of the bigger name mastering studios don't use a ton of absorption. You see a lot more in mix rooms.

I just love how the room looks more like a regular room than a spaceship. I wonder if that curtain is covering a window to the outside.??

kmetal Fri, 11/04/2016 - 14:41

Kurt Foster, post: 443011, member: 7836 wrote: the gray panels in the corners aren't bass traps? those look like real traps membrane absorbers to me.

Ya know those probably are doing some bass trapping. I'm so used to thinking 'straddled' corner traps because they're more efficient in general. But yeah those are probably acting as bass traps. Thanks for the correction.

Not sure of the brand.

audiokid, post: 443015, member: 1 wrote: I'd rather stay digital and continue 2 DAW's with a Folcrom /tube like the M-2b to silk it up a bit.

So you've hooked up the folcrum now? My software, computer, and converter, are basically all purchased or decided on finally.

It's the monitor controller pre amp and summing that I'm thinking about now, and there's many options. But there's only a few combinations that don't leave any waste funcitaly or financially.

My concern of the folcrum was it wasn't mastering level quality or pro standard quality. Ie home/project based.

The parts are hand picked within .1% tolerances according to tape op.

So it seems to be of exceptional build.

What are your thoughts? @ audikid ?