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DDP project - few simple questions

Hello! I need a short, concise advice on how to make a DDP project in HOFA. I've been always sending a finished project to the pressing plant, but they fucked up last album, so I decided to take it on my own to be sure I did everything properly. I work mainly with live recordings, so I usually don't take 2-second breaks between songs, for obvious reasons. After importing the finished project to

How to get a Clean Master


How to Make Clean Masters

When trying to make your master sound clean, it’s a good idea to find and isolate any sources of unwanted noise, such as noise generators, and mute them. Additionally, cutting the side image’s low-frequencies, as well as the mids by up to 20Hz can add some clarity to your master.

Recording flutes played live


I did this video - about how you could clip a mic to a flute. Handy if you need to do a live recording where for either the PA or just for separation, you need to get a mic close in and keep it the same distance from the instrument. Difficult to do with a mic one a boom, as the players never stand still. I used the Shure SM7B as sa comparison and then mounted a cheap lav mic in a small clamp.

Treatment on the inputs?

Should I be printing treatments on all my instruments and vocal inputs (not effects but phase reverse, hi pass, comp, limiting and EQ) or should I go in dry with only desirable mic placement and gain staging. I do use some eq, comp and spatial plugins on the vocal channel inserts that can all be disabled during mixing….

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