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Plugging into my mixer...correctly

Ive had some good results just plugging stuff in like I know what i'm doing.

I'm ready to do it right. I got a large mixer, and patchbays, so everything will be user friendly, and ready to go.

I have a 32 channel analog yamaha monitor mixer.  It makes 10 monitor mixes. Im going to use 8 busses to sent whatever I need to my interface, and the 9/10 buss as my main stereo out.

Akai Sampler


After many years I am looking to reconnect with around 200 akai floppy disks and have questions if you can advise please.

is there a viable route to connect them  to iMac either with a sampler( sold years ago)?

Floppy disks:what is needed to read them and transfer to the iMac? Or what is needed for Sampler to iMac ?


Different Outputs for Different Tracks

Hi im wondering if its possible to have (for example) two tracks in the same project but have each track go to a different output?

In this case i have a DI bass and a DI guitar, id like to route them to their own amps respectively and have them play simultaneously when the track starts but with each track coming from their own amp.

Pearl 8-CK


Hello,  I have found a vintage Pearl 8-CK (incl. power supply) when cleaning up an old house.  Can somebody please help me in determining the value of this nice device ?    I'm also thinking of selling it.   Can somebody also inform me on where to sell this best ? 

Midas Venice 320 aux sends

I use monitor sends one and two for wedge monitors. Also auxiliary 1 and 2 for additional wedge monitors. I am wondering why the auxiliary sends have so much more gain than the monitor sends one and two. Both are pre fader. Can anyone help with this question. I've been turning the power amp down to compensate for the high output. Hopefully someone here can answer my question, thanks!

Collaborated with an old school friend on this track and this is the result

This is the first track for my next album. This song was a collaboration between an old school buddy who now lives in London and myself.

Alan is a good friend from our school days where we played together in a band back in the 70's.

Our old school band had a reunion in March this year where we recorded one of our songs. The song was written in 1973.


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