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Alternative shockmount for AT4060?

Hi all
I wonder if anyone knows of a very high quality shockmount that I can use with an AT4060.

The shockmount supplied is very good, but I don't think it protects the mic from footfalls and traffic rumble quite as well as some others. I think the spider shockmount for the U87 is better than the AT mounts, but it is also very expensive (I managed to get a brand new one on ebay for €100). I like the way the Neumann mount is flexible enough to allow the mic to wobble, yet it can hold the mic at any angle without sagging.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Soundelux U 195 vs. AT 4060 for vocals.

I am looking at both of these mics as my next purchase. I have absolutely no experience with tube mics (AT 4060). I have heard great things about both. As I have been told my voice is a bit brittle and soft, I am trying to find a mic for only doing vocals (rock).
Just seeing what people think about these 2 mics in basically the same price catagory.


AT4060 vs. Brauner Phantom C

Hey guys, i'm in need of some help. I'm currently using a Rode nt1000 for EVERYTHING. it's gotta go. I'm about an inch away from buying an AT4060. It will be used for mainly rap vocals. I have never heard this mic, but it has been recommended to me by multiple professional engineers.

How does the Brauner Phantom C stack up in comparison to the AT4060?
The main problem i have with the nt1000 is that it is overly bright on almost everything. Will I have this problem with the Brauner C?

The mic will be running into my Focusrite ISA 428, just so you know.

Noise problem with AT4060

Hi everyone
I just bought an AT4060 off ebay.

The problem is that it appears to be picking up noise from my computer (like you might expect when using unbalanced cables). Another thing is that there is an audible mains hum, although this is very slight, and is almost completely masked by the mic's own noise. This second issue doesn't bother me, and I'm just curious about it. On the whole I'm just astonished to have finally found a mic that sounds the way I want it to -I did a lot of searching (I wanted an LDC valve mic for classical music with a good polar pattern).

Pre for AT4060 mic

I have recently heard my AKG3000 on different Art preamps (Pro Channel, and the new digital dual channel pre) and I was very suprised. I have doubted my reasons for buying this mic and yet these two preamps elevated a 300.00 mic to a 700.00 brand.
I own a AT4060 that does not excite me as I feel it should. Does anyone have any first hand experience on preamps that will wake it up. I truly expect to be looking at higher end pre's for this mic but would like to keep it in the ballpark of a project studio. Should I be looking at clean or colored preamps?