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Pro Tools Crash when using Time Compression/Expansion in Audiosuite

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11 years

I select an audio track...i open under Audiosuite any of the time compression plugs (Avid system TCE, Serato PnT Pro, Waves SoundShift, Etc) ...i managed to analize teh audio....hear teh preview...but....when i clic RENDER Protools immediatly crashes


Digi 003 Console

Pro Tool HD 12.5

Win 10

RTAS - Real Time AudioSuite

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21 years 2 months
Real Time AudioSuite. Based on Digidesign’s AudioSuite plug-in architecture that uses off-line processing, RTAS acts exactly like a TDM plug-in, but instead of using Digidesign DSP, uses the host computers processing capability. The upside is that RTAS does not require the expensive hardware that TDM does, but the downside is that the number of instantiations will vary with processor power, and there are certain limitations as to where a plug-in can be placed.
(See TDM)

Bomb Factory/AudioSuite "How-To's"

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21 years 2 months
I am a fairly new Pro-Tools user and wish to learn the who,what,why,when technical stuff about how to apply and use the bomb factory plug-in's like the "Essential Clip Remover", "Corralation", "Meter Bridge", and the "Noise Meter" as well as the AudioSuite tools like DC offset remover, Time Compression Expansion...etc...etc.. . Are there books, web pages, forums, other?

how to select audiosuite processing to replace the original

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21 years 2 months
I cant seem to find out were i can select that any audiosuite processing replaces the original edit in the edit window. Right now it automatically goes into my audio bin? i know there is a simple solution i must have selected something as it didnt do this before...

anybody know because I'm wasteing a huge amount of time on draging and dropping in and out...arrrgghhh

thank you
jonny K

Pro Tools Plugins - Audiosuite or RTAS?

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21 years 2 months
i'm wondering which plugins are generally used in real time and which ones make use of audiosuite and permanently change the file - i don't run any outboard gear, so all the compression, eqs, etc are all done via plugins. any opinions are appreciated. thanks,


Audiosuite Strangeness...

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21 years 2 months
When I try to use the preview button on an audio suite effect such as 4 band EQ on a stereo track, I only get to listen to one of the channels and only in mono...

I’ll try to explain...

I recorded a stereo audio track from my sampler which had lots of drastic pan automation (for SFX purpose). I wanted to apply some 4 band EQ to it using the Audiosuite plug so that I could print it to disk EQ’ed.