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Is it possible to automate a click track?

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I am using Pro Tools 12.8. was wondering if there is any way to create a click track to only run and then turn off after a few measures. I am recording with my friend who is playing drums while I am on guitar. We want to play our song live all the way through and want a nice click to begin with that ends after a few measures so that we can flow through the rest of the song. I am the guitarist and the engineer so I am unable to turn off the click. Thanks

I want to create automated sound editing for live performance: let me explain.

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The vision:

I will play to a click track emanating from a DAW. The DAW will be aware of a linear movement forwards through time (basically, a playhead moving through the session).

I play guitar through an amp. I want to record the sound coming out of the amp and send it to the DAW. With that input signal, I want the DAW to execute a bunch of predetermined things. For example, "Take the signal input from measures 4-8, copy, and paste at measure 16 in track 3, 52 in track 6, etc." Another example: "At mm.18, send midi signal X to the the pedalboard".

Fully automated consoles?

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It seems fully automated consoles are in short numbers. I'm just poking around thinking of the best studio solution for my needs. I've never been a huge fan of Protools, mostly because the information is very vague. From what I've read you need the HD cards, HD192's (only 16 channels a peice) A/D converters and a control surface. That to me is crazy and the price does not justify it for me.