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Pro audio topics on whats the best?:

Best microphone for classical music video

I have a Zoom Q4 video recorder, and I'm looking to make some video recordings of classical music (voice and piano). If I want to improve the audio quality, can anyone recommend an external mic that I can plug into my video recorder? I'm new to this, so any tips about mic set-up and so on would be very helpful. I'm thinking of spending between £200 and £500 ($280-$700)

Figuring out the best use of my limited space to record vocals!

Hey yall! Very new to all recording but I wanted to make a little area in my room for recording vocals, but I'm not sure what my best options are! I made a little video to show what I'm working with specifically, but I've been doing research and some people say use your closet but others say dont if it's too small, and I just want to hear any opinions on where to go from here. I cant spend much more than I already have but can make some small purchases if it would make a significant difference. All advice is appreciated!

Video of space:

Is Motu's M2 the best bang for the buck in an entry level interface?

Ive attached the conversion spec.

This might be the scarlett killer! For the cost of a scarlett 2i2 the M2 is spec'd much closer to a clarett. The m2 is about 1/3 the cost of clarett.

It exceeds clarrett's DA dynamic range by 1-2 db, depending on the model, and Scarlett by 12db! On the AD side M2 falls 3-4 db short of clarett, and beats scarlett by 3-4db.

Thunderbolt 3 to PC - what PCIe card works best?

Wow, it took me a long time to get back on my feet but I am getting there.

I'm looking at the Apollo X8P to run on my faithful i7 which is still on W7. I will upgrade to W10. Hopefully I can use it.
Anyone know much about running Thunderbolt 3 on a PC? How to interface it best, what card. Maybe I can't even use my current PC box. Just starting research now. :)