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best mic

Best microphone for classical music video

I have a Zoom Q4 video recorder, and I'm looking to make some video recordings of classical music (voice and piano). If I want to improve the audio quality, can anyone recommend an external mic that I can plug into my video recorder? I'm new to this, so any tips about mic set-up and so on would be very helpful. I'm thinking of spending between £200 and £500 ($280-$700)

Best mic paired with daking mic pre one preamp

Hello all,
Just wanted to throw a quick question out to you veterans. I recently purchased Daking pre mic one, and i was just curious to see if there were any specific mics that run well with that pre amp. My ideal price range would be somewhere sub 400, but if its well worth the money in relation to the upgrade in quality, i would be willing to spend more. What do you guys think? Thank you.

best mic arrangement to blend off centre source to main ORTF

I am going to record a concert of the 'Armed Man' in a large church.
The main stereo pair will be flown above+/- conductor position (MC930/ORTF)

A childrens choir of ~70 will be placed in a side aisle outside the pillars even but level with the choir/orchestra in the Nave. This choir will be angled towards the conductor in the centre aisle/Nave, so at ~45 deg to an imaginary centre line down the church.

Best mic for recording sound effects


I'm looking for a microphone best for recording sound effects.

What I want to record:
- SFX (lighting a match, breaking glass, balloon, etc)
- Vehicles (train, car engine, etc)
- Nature (birds, thunder, rain)
- Foley

- Indoor (different small/medium rooms)
- Outdoor (forest, city)

- very low noise level
- fast transient response
- flat frequency response
- cardioid

Best Mic Preamp/Guitar Amp Levels?

Hi, just wondering what difference it makes where and when levels are turned up and down int he recording chain. Is it best to turn a guitar amp up a ton, and then turn the track down in my DAW, or to have the amp lower, and turn the volume up more in the DAW. And for micing vocals, is it best to turn the microphone preamp way up, and then the track level down in the DAW, or vice versa? Does it actually make a difference?

Best mic for my voice?

Hey guys, this is a long shot, but I thought I'd try. I'm looking to buy one mic for a home studio. I'd like to stay under $1000k, or worse-case scenario not much over it. I've read through forums and listened to many shoot-outs. My main concern is I want something that really works well with my voice. I know the only way to really figure that out is to go to a studio and do it, but the area I live in has no studios with a decent mic selection, nor are there any places to rent mics from. I'd have to book studio time and travel a long way.