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choosing studio monitors

Using TWO or MORE pairs of studio monitors?

Hi all,

I have always wanted to setup a mixing space with two sets of studio monitors so I can listen to working sounds on two pairs as opposed to just one. There would likely be an A/B switch (or perhaps an easily accessible software control) that toggles between the two, such that switching between the pairs is instantaneous. This sounds like a very useful setup to quickly "field-test" the effects of the mixes/edits on other speakers, possibly consumer grade ones as well.

studio monitor help: krk vxt 4 + sub or krk vxt6 vxt8 ?

Hey guys,

I've been making progressive House music for about 1 1/2 years now, and recently got some of my songs signed to some pretty good labels, which is bringing me one step closer to my dream to become a professional DJ/Producer.

Until now I've been mixing/composing everything on headphones and the KRK vxt 4's. But to really compete up there with the "big guys" I discovered that it's really necessary to hear/feel the bass to it's fullest and deepest if you really want to make it perfect for the clubs.

Choosing Studio Monitor Help

Hello, fellow bottom feeders! It's time for the obligatory question about monitor selection. I have about $700 allocated for a pair of powered nearfields. What are your thoughts on the following:
1. Event 20/20bas (I can get them for $750)
2. Event PS6 (Heard good things and easy on the wallet)
3. Tannoy Reveal Actives
4. KRK V6
5. Any suggestions welcome ;)
I know all of the standard answers like trust your ears, listen to each pair yourself, etc. But I'm looking for your experiences to help guide/narrow my search. Thanks.

P.S. Great forum!



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