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Peace and Love

We need peace and love.
Individually, we need 'em.

In this world, you have to go to war to gain peace, and fight to be able to love.
Very very strange world, we are in.
But, at any rate, we truly need peace and love in our troubled world!!!

This song, I composed, is dedicated to my Grandson, Misiri Kalayaan!!!
All my love to you, and my peace I give you!!!

"Elizabeth's Song" Orginial Composition

This is a song my Mom and I wrote together in 2013 for one of our church's dramas. When I recorded this I had very limited equipment, experience, and knowledge about mixing. Because of this the tracks themselves have some issues, namely noise. Some of them are in fact very noisy. But I like the song and wanted to try to fix it and bring the quality up from where it was 3 or so years ago. I've heard it so many times now that I may be losing clear perspective on what it sounds like to everyone else, so any comments on how to make this better is much appreciated.

Have You Ever Wondered: Would Love Mix and Compositional Feedback (performance too).

Original Song:
First real completed mix of this -- trying for a real "sway" kinda feel (hips moving) -- laying back - trying to get a rolling groove going (even though I'm using Superior Drummer). Still working at achieving an Americana kind of rock feel - a little Southern, and little California - a little Nashville. trying to develop my vocabulary here. Any thoughts or comments welcome.

There are a few exposed elements in the mix - hoping for some direction there to help me with it. As far as genre - also looking for some direction there. Where does this dwell?

What is your compositional workflow?

Nearly all of us here on RO started out as musicians before we became involved in the technical side of music and recording, and while I know that there are some guys here who have let go of the music part over the years, and have decided to concentrate solely on the engineering and production end of things, I know there are those engineers who still perform and write.

I'm one of those guys - I engineer lot of stuff for other people, but I still write and record my own stuff too... and this leads me to the main topic of this post:

Percussive Acoustic Composition (Rainsong JM1000)

Here is a new composition I wrote. The recording isn't live, but I figured it would be more interesting to watch than a slideshow! The guitar is a Rainsong JM1000. C4C!…"]YouTube - Derek Story - Shadowed - Acoustic Guitar[/]="…"]YouTube - Derek Story - Shadowed - Acoustic Guitar[/]

Best Book(s) on Music Theory & Composition

Hey, guys. I'm looking to delve into music theory and composition/arrangement this summer. I was wondering if there exist any books geared towards composing/arranging for a small instrumental ensemble (small orchestra?). The only book I could find with similar content dealt with arranging for small to medium jazz ensembles. Are there any books you all would recommend on either subject?


Greetings to all. It's been a few years since I worked on music compositions but have recently obtained a few composition jobs. This past summer I simply wrote out string/ guitar, oboe, & bass parts and either played them myself or had others play them while recording on pro tools (G3 5.1). I used to use Studio Vision in the old days and transfer midi tracks into Pro Tools.


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