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Front and Rear of Control Room

In 1978, when I was a grad student at North Texas, we were installing a new master control room for the College of Music. Back then, the discussion had to do with contrasting front and rear wall treatments. Our room was designed with a live front, monitors mounted on a wooden wall, with the rear wall deadened by at least three feet of soft insulation. Some designers, back then, thought you should have the opposite, speakers on a dead, no reflection, wall with a live, reflexive wall behind you.

Pc outside control room

I need some help choosing the right equipment for my brand new studio.
I am building a room that I will use to rehearse and record drums. My PC is located in another room, which is more or less 10 m far away.
I have to choose an audio interface and a way to control everything while having my case far away, so my questions are:
- Is it possible to have a 10 meters cable for my ai?
- Do i Need something specific to avoid issues or latency?

New and bigger studio : one room to rule them all or two room (control + live)?


I'm currently in my basement to record my own music - solely my own music - for now and the foreseable future.

My actual room is roughly 10X16 with an 8 feet ceiling. It has a slanted ceiling over the mix area.
I treated it with OC703 and OC705 a fair amount, but not everywhere. It sounds reasonnably un-alive but not to the point of being creepy. It's good for recording dry and erasing the room but not so much for playing because I find it too dry sounding.

Control Room Surrounded by Glass

Hey guys!

I’m putting together my new control room, and I’m a little bit stumped on some of my treatment options. Normally I know where to start putting panels up based on listening position, measuring for first reflections, etc.. but this control room is built in the shape of something like an octagon cut in half. (Pics below). The ceiling is also pitched down towards the front of the room.

Rear Wall Diffusion in RFZ Control Room

Hello fellow Acousticians,
After finding an extra room that will for mixing/mastering, fallowed by then picking the right monitors for your room and ears, finding the best monitor placement and listening position within the room, next step is creating an RFZ, right?

My question is whether or not to treat first reflections on the rear wall with QRD Diffusor's or with broadband absorption ..
I know probably to an extent it is a room by room dependent type situation.

My new control room will be 19ft 6in long X 9ft 10in wide X 8ft 11in tall.

New member- Control Room Window installation Rod's book

Hello everyone. My name is Mark. I am currently in the midst of building my home studio (live and control room) with the help of a local studio engineer, Dan Skye, here in central NJ. The walls are up and the glass thickness has been determined with the help of Rod's book (we both purchased a copy). I am trying to arrange for someone to prep the window opening for the glass installers per Figure 5.3 in Rod's book. By prepping, I mean doing everything short of installing the glass so that the glass company can measure, make, and do the final install of the glass.

Connecting a recording light in control room

Not real sure if this is the right place to post this question so redirect me if needed please (maybe I should be in the construction forum?). I'm slowly building my studio (see thread under "Small Studio Build Journey") and during some construction lately I wanted to plan for a "recording" light in the main entry area.

keeping control in the control room

i wanted to ask you all about a term i've coined, "controlling the customer"

heres the dilemma:
you want the bands feedback on the sounds youre tracking and mixing for them. for various reasons.
only problem is, the drummer thinks the kick drum sounds terrific when its too loud. stupid loud. so i shut him up and then turn it back down when he goes away. which is wasting time and dishonest.

Newbie Control Room Acoustic Treatment help

Hello everyone, my name is Gianluca and I'm writing from Italy.
I turned a basement into a recording studio, but I need a hand to the acoustic treatment.
Floor, ceiling and walls are covered with wood. Under the wood there is a layer of lead, polystyrene and moisture resistant material.
The dimensions are:
Length: 4m
Width: 2.56mt
Height: 2.7 meters
I would like to build all by myself (DIY) with a budget of EUR 800