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Dangerous 2 bus

Could someone explain the reason for the dangerous 2 bus


I've been watching the messages on the other boards regarding the dangerous 2-bus. Could someone explain why analog summing would be quantifiably better than digital? What is wrong with digital summing algorithms, that hasn't been fixed?

I did a search on the web for dangerous's web site, and found this:

Dangerous 2 bus - DAW mixing aid - user report

Dangerous 2-bus

I have bought one of these to help me mix DAW sessions and use all my analog outboard. It sums 16 mono or 8 stereo pairs to 2 with a trim pot on the master out….

So far I have patched into it via my 16 interface outputs like so

Pair 1 = Kick (1) & Snare (2) (mono’ed)
Pair 2 = Rest of kit
Pair 3 = Bass (5) Lead Vocal (6) (mono’ed)

Pair 4 = GTR’s


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