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drum sampler

Please help! Problem with Superior Drummer 2.0 + Reaper

I Have a problem with mixing in SD2.0. In mixer panel, when I set the EQ, filter, the BUS panels, but It's nothing change by the voice.
I see some tutorials on yuotube, I make so the whole thing.
In reaper right click, insert virtual instrument on new track, and select on SD2. In reaper by all track (except the first), I select on record output (stereo).
In SD2, by output, I've select on multichanel, and that's it. Everything works fine except mixing by the bus panel, can somebody help me?

Building an Electric Drum Kit and using Superior Drummer 2.0

I was thinking about getting an electric drum kit as it would be but i'm not really a fan of the little pads they have going about. However, all Electric Kits that have the more realistic snare/tom pads seem to be really expensive and as I am buying on a budget I wonder if it would be far cheaper to buy a base for an Electric kit, get each pad individually and buy a crappy sound module to link it all up to Superior Drummer 2.0.

Superior Drummer 2 and Pro Tools track routing - Help!

For the life of me I cannot get my output tracks from SD2 onto individual instrument audio tracks in PT LE 7.4. I have a midi track with note info routed to SD2 on an audio track, which I can monitor. Problem is, I am trying to route each instrument, eg. bass drum, snare, etc to a separate track and it is not working.

Cubase SX3 Superior Drummer

I'm trying to open superior drummer 2.0 in Cubase, after re-installing it, and it will not show up in Cubase.

I press F11 for my VSTi's, then select "Superior Drummer", and ensure the "E" button is selected which generally makes the VSTi interface visible, and nothing shows up. If I create a new project, and a new midi track, I can see all of the drum tracks from superior drummer, but I cannot get the editor to show up.

Will someone please help? Prior to the re-install, everything worked properly. I've tried multiple reboots.

EZdrummer? KitCore? Superior Drummer? Addictive Drums? Agh..

So what's the best? Seriously, I need some top of the line sounding drum samples for my recording setup. I've been trying out EZdrummer and the Drumkit From Hell.. It's good, but not quite as good as I want. I hear Superior Drums is just as good as a real drummer, but I need some verification before I go for something in that price.

So what's your opinion on Drum Samples?



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