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Mic for online music lessons with little feedback


I give music lessons online and want to upgrade the sound to include an external mic with an interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). Which mic has least feedback? I don't mind dynamic one - how about the Shure 57 or 58? Should I get a shotgun mic instead? Which brand?

Thank you in advance for helping a newbie out...

Desktop mic records two channel...dynamic mic records one


Why I record with Fraps (or simply unmute mic) does my cheap desktop mic from Best Buy record and two channels and my AKG D5 dynamic mic only record left channel? I can switch mics while recording and it will switch between the one channel and two. The problem could be my cable connection into the sound card. My mic cable on the D5 is a xlr.

do you guys use a pop screen when recording vocals with a dynamic microphone?


such as the sm57? got a friend coming in who insists on using the sm57 for recording his voice and i've never recorded vocals with it before. should i let him sing right on top of the mic with his lips touching the grill like he does at live shows? or should i try to get him to back off 6 inches or so like with condensers ? should i use a pop screen?


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