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The Industry Standard For Midi Drums

Is there an industry standard VST for acoustic and electric Midi Drums/Percussion ?
The bundled VST Percussion instruments that came with Cubase 7.5 are alright but I cant help but feel like they don't sound all that great. The majority of major label records released these days are using midi drums but they sound great.
So how are they doing it?

Mixing MIDI drums: clipping/distortion.

I'm currently working on a music project in Garageband [yes, not the best DAW, but I'm comfortable with it, and I can't afford high-end DAWs]; while I think I'm able to mix most audio fairly well, I'm still having trouble with drum mixing. I'm using Addictive Drums for the drum input; while I'm able to "record" the MIDI tracks the way I want, I'm having trouble mixing them.

Recording MIDI drums

Hi All,
I did a search for the subject I'm about to ask but no go. So here is my question: I plan on buying a electronic drum set that has MIDI outs and I would like to record the drums to MIDI so that later I can run the MIDI file with Drum kit from hell superior. Is there any program that will record your playing and save it as a MIDI file? Thanks

midi drums silenced when audio tracks are mixed down

hey all,

my first time posting a big hello to forums you've got here!

i've just started putting some of my own ideas into recordings lately and have had one problem i've run across so far (i'm sure i'll run into many more in the future...but these forums are definitely helping to prevent that)