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music for video

Creating Background Music For Video

In the last year every single audio recording I have done, has been as background music for video clients.  After decades of recording music for artists to release this has been a big change for me. I've learned a few things that I believe can help others who need to make music for video, from maximizing time and value of the created music, to creating moments that give videographers great places to put in video transitions. 

I'd love to hear from others that need to create music for video and learn what you are doing. 

Music for Video - re-edits

Another lock down project, but one I've wanted to try for a while.

As we do video and audio work, the music we produce usually fits to the edited video - and we produce it watching the video. Just after Christmas, a client needed a re-edit, trimming some parts from the video that featured a product he no longer manages. This was annoying because the scene was around 30 secs too short for the video. Luckily, the music was more atmospheric and it wasn't too tricky to cut down, but it made me think how you'd manage if the music wasn't editable like this.

Creating Music for Video

Hey, I happen to be looking for some quick business end advice. I've been researching a bit, but can't seem to find my answer. I've always come to this site and found a lot of intelligent answers (I basically come and read forums here almost every day for a couple years now, and feel I've learned quite a bit aside from my schooling), So i now come asking for a little advice.

Software for making music for video + games (sequencers)

So heres the deal. I use Cubase Studio 4 for most of my recording as far as bands and live instruments. As far as midi instruments, making beats and making whole songs with virtual instruments, I've tried Reason and have an unregistered full version of Fruity Loops.

I like the hardware setup in Reason, and I like how there are tons of add ons available for it but I really hate the arrangement window is (takes a lot to get used to it) and I dislike the fact that you seem to NEED a midi controller/keyboard to use it (instead of drawing).