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PreSonus Firestudio vs. Audiobox 22VSL - recording quality?


I own an old Firestudio 26x26 (not project) and a newer USB Audiobox 22VSL, both from PreSonus. I wonder which has better recording quality for mics. The Firestudio has 8 inputs but it's big and heavy and requires an additional power supply. The Audiobox was much cheaper but then again it's much newer. Does anyone have experience with those two and can say if one produces superior audio quality when recording? If they are similar, I would probably just use the Audiobox because it's more convenient to use.


PreSonus AudioBox and IPad Advice


I'm an extreme novice when it comes to recording. I purchased a PreSonus AudioBox and have been using my Ipad mini to do some simple recording of myself and the acoustic guitar. Last week I did a recording and it sounded not bad. Last night I tried and the vocals were way overpowering. I had it on the same levels so not sure why this came out different.

I guess my question is based on everyone's experience what levels for the guitar and vocal are a good balance to use with using an interface and garageband via and ipad mini?

Studio One/ PreSonus Audiobox44 troubles

Hey folks. I'm having a lot of trouble learning how to record using the aforementioned equpiment/DAW. All I'm trying to do, is do interviews, later to edit in music and other audio. I can hear through my headphone monitor that the Audiobox44 is sending the microphone signal through the device, as I can hear very clearly though my headphones. However, when I try to record, the playback is what I would describe as choppy/robotic and very quiet. I'm having problems navigating StudioOne's interface and am having a lot of trouble figuring out what's going on.

PreSonus Audiobox USB vs. Firestudio Mobile? AND USB vs. Firewire for Recording?

Hey guys. I got myself a Firestudio Mobile a couple of years ago but now I'm set to upgrade my computer to something which won't have inputs for Firewire or even the Express card I've been using on my current computer for recording. It will have USB 3.0 inputs. I'm kind of steamed at having to replace my soon to be useless Firestudio Mobile with the basically equivalent Audiobox USB, but it is what it is. It seems to be that Firewire as a medium is getting phased out due to lack of support/interest.

How to record a keyboard to Garageband using PreSonus Audiobox VLS22?

I need to record my keyboard sound into garage band. It is a Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-505. It has a micro usb port, a 1/4" output jack. I tried to get a mono 1/4"- split 1/4" audio cable. The cable was a "grounding cable". It didn't work. What do I need and how do I set it up in GB? I would like the sound to be the sound that I am hearing in my headphone. Is this possible?
Thank you!

PreSonus 22vsl audiobox crackling and popping with midi

it was always crackling and popping, then i went through PreSonus's optimization for windows 7 page and it seemed to fix the problem, except when i try using midi (my whole reason for buying the product... sigh..)
i thought it was just ableton, so i reinstalled, problem persists, then i tried it with Samplitude... problem seemed ok, but now i realized its still crackling/ popping just isn't as noticeable.

any recommendations?

Reaper and Audiobox recording issues

Hello everyone, its me, Im back :D
But probably most dont remember be. Anyway, I have a little problem with recording in Reaper.

I've bought a Epiphone Elitist Casino http://www.epiphone…
to play and record. I have an audiobox usb pre-amp. I put Monster Standard 100 (cable) in the guitar and then put it in the 2 slot of the audiobox usb pre-amp. I can hear the my guitar in the headphones that I connect to the pre-amp.