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Micing Live Performance of Sax Quartet

I have a sax quartet and need to record our performances for some QC. The music we play are jazz standards and the arrangements have a lot going on in the inner voices. We need to be able to listen to our performances to check out how we balance on set vs. in rehearsal. Our set up is usually in a V. I am unable to place a mic stand in front of the group past the front music stands. If I have to have the mic stands in in back of the group or close in front, what cost effective microphone(s) would you recommend I use, placed where and pointed where?

Recording a rock cello quartet

Hopefully this is the right place to put this,
Newbie here. I searched around quite a bit, but I honestly have not found any situations close to mine. I am part of a quartet who does some pretty hard core rock cello, like Apocalyptica and Break of Reality. We are looking to record some songs with the following equipment:
2x AKG 414
2x RODE NT-5
2x AT4040
3x AT4033
4x Shure SM58
2x Shure SM57

Help with Bowing sounds on String Quartet

Hello. First post. I've looked up this topic but haven't found what I'm looking for.
Basically, I am recording a live performance of a string quartet playing classical at a church. In previous recordings the violist has complained that there is too much "bowing noises" in the recordings. On the second try I place the mics about five to six feet away standing height, which seem to give too much room sound, yet the complaint was "still too much bow clicks" etc.

Best portable recorder for violin/string quartet?

I am a professional violinist, looking for advice on a portable digital recorder to use in daily practice and recording of rehearsals. I want something small enough to always have it in my fiddle case, yet deliver sound quality good enought from the build in mics to use in demo recordings for my website. A tall order perhaps, but I do realize that I will never get studio quality in something that small - I just want something with the greatest fidelity possible in the format.

Recording classical string quartet


I just found this forum and see a wealth of experience here. I will be doing some recording with a string quartet and plan to post here to get feedback. I have an Avenson Audio STO-2 omni pair. My first tries will be with a home brew Jecklin disk. I plan to work with the SQ trying out venues and mic. arrangements. Any pointers and encouragement are welcome.


Recording barbershop quartet

Here is my challenge: A friend wants me to record her barbershop group so they can do remote practicing.

She wants to record the four singers simultaneously, then burn 4 CDs with a different singer eliminated on each. In other words, [singer A] would receive the CD with [singers B, C, & D] singing the song -- then [singer A] could sing to the CD, filling in her own part.

Micing a strings quartet ?

In the next days, I have to record a strings quartet formed of two violins, an alto violin, and a cello.

I'm going to use two condenser mics (Beringher B1, and Tascam LD-74 made by MXL) in a Tascam USL-122. I don't have too many choices with the mics. I also posted on Audio ProGear forum, because I plan to buy two tube preamp for that (VBT-1, or ART V3, or TubePre).

The room is a regular church with reverb.

Recording a Quartet with Limitations

Hello fellow Audiophiles,
I'm going to be recording a quartet tomorrow morning and I'm seeking a bit of advice. The group consists of a pianist (grand piano), violin, bass clarinet, and soprano voice.
Here are the limitations,
-It is a live performance in a large hall, so the mics can't be too invasive.
-The only microphones I have available are 4 X SM81's, 1 AKG C1000, 1 APEX 415, 2 X SM57s.

I know the microphone limitations are pretty bad, but it's all I have.
Any tips for getting the largest sound possible out of what I have?


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