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Latency and Re-amping

I've got a little vamp I recorded as a project that is currently Midi Drums (Superior Drummer) with a bass track and 3 guitar tracks (each played through my M-audio Profire 610 interface and using Guitar Rig 5 pro to model. Here's a quick mix:


re-amping with Focusrite Saphire 56

Hi, I'm new here, though not new to recording, but I have run into a problem that I can't seem to find anyone who knows what I am talking about. I want to re-amp a bass guitar. I am using a DOD active DI to split the signal and capture both the mic'd sound and the DI signal into my new (part of the issue) Focusrite Saphire 56. The problem is that I can't seem to get the signal back out to the amp.

Trouble with Re-amping

Ok, so I've been battling a seemingly simple problem for ages. All I want to do is play bass into ableton, then send the processed signal out to an amp. Right now I have it set up so I run the bass into Ableton through the DI slot on my Mbox, then from a track in there, send that signal out one of the Mbox's output's. The output is run into a Radial X-Amp, then into my amp.

Re-amping with Radial JDI questions...

I want to reamplify my DI bass recorded signal but I'm unsure how to connect everything. The manual says to hook everything up this way:
The Radial JDI can be used ‘backwards’ to convert a low-impedance mic level signal back to a high-impedance guitar signal.
Simply connect the output from the recorder to a mixer and the mixer’s output to the JDI’s XLR output using a female-tofemale
XLR turn-around adaptor. Keep your level down to ensure the signal will not overload the JDI’s transformer. Connect

Re-Amping question

I just attempted my first reamp yesterday and needless to say it failed miserably. I sent the signal out of the FireBox output 3 and ran my guitar cable straight into my amp input. No matter what I did I couldn't get enough gain on it. It just sounded slightly overdriven. Did I do something wrong? Do I need a DI box between the interface and amp?

Questions regarding re-amping

I was interested in a recording tip that I heard about recently, that being using a DI as well as an amp for recording guitarists. You then would end up with two tracks. Thus giving youi the ability to reamp the DI track if the sound of the amped track is not exactly what you were looking for but the performance was. I am using PreSonus Firestudio as my A/D converter. I was mainly curious as to what the chain would be in this process, E.G. firestudio main out to a pedal set to an amp? Any advice regarding levels out, wiring, etc. appreciated.


Re-amping my archtop

I posted a similar topic in the pro audio gear section with no responses and thought it would be more relevant here.

I am currently using my Avalon U5 to record my archtop direct along with miking the guitar's acoustic sound. I am happy with the results although would like to mix in my mic'd up Polytone too. I am thinking about re-amping as I can spend more time with microphone placement after the event. I am also thinking about possibly changing my amp later in the year and could then use the new amp with existing recorded parts.

Re-amping a pre-recorded guitar


I've just recorded a guitar line track monitoring via an amp-simulator plugin in my DAW (only as a test).

Now I'd like to reproduce this guitar track through a real guitar amp and try to record it.

I've seen many products like REAMP box or Radial JD7, but I'm not interested in buying such equipment.

I only would like to know if any of you (recording addicts) have tried it already and, if so, how did you do that with a nice result?