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Recording Music on Video from a Voice Recorder

This may not be the Norm! but I'm interested in recording Background Music onto a Digital Voice Recorder, and then playing that Music into my Phone while it is shooting a Video! which hopefully will result in Raw Camera Video File, with BG Music! ...My question is, Can this be done? and what would I need to do It?

Portable Recorder / Mics

Hi -

I'm trying to figure out the best option for purchasing a portable recorder and mics. I'm mainly looking to record solo piano right now, but I will probably also use it in other situations down the road, such as jazz combo.

I've been looking at the zoom H5 and H6, as well as the zoom F4 and F6 and the Sound Devices MixPre-3 II. For mics, I'm mainly looking at the zoom capsules, the Audio-Technica AT2022 X/Y Stereo Microphone, and 2 RØDE NT5 mics with additional omni capsules. I've also considered the Tascam DR-100mkIII.

Comparing Two Portable Recorders

Here I compare two currently available digital mobile audio recorders, one called R1 and the other R2, to avoid being influenced by brand prejudices.

Please comment which one you like better on this application.

For the techies:
Both recorders have two condenser microphones. The recording was done simultaneously with both, one sitting on top of the other about 45cm from the guitar top, to have them as closly as possible in the same position relatively to the guitar.

Vintage AMPEX 440 4 Track Recorder Problem

I just got a 1967 Ampex 440 4 Track Recorder and it has one problem that I can't figure out. When I press the play button or any other button on the control panel it the does the same thing. The rewind motor goes into rewind mode and the take up reel goes into fast forward mode. So, it is running in rewind and fast forward at the same time. Again, it doesn't matter which button you push it always does this. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

help! combining tracks from separate recorders of a live performance

I am an amateur with audio recording, and while I think I am good at some thing, here is a stupid question:

I have 2 field recorders (Tascam DR-40) and am recording some classical musicians (piano/violin duo). One of the recorders has a stereo pair of small diaphragm condensers plugged in, and the other has a pair of large diaphragm condensers. For example, the SDC are on the violin and LDC are on the piano.

Old cassette based 4 track recorder

Hi all, my first post!

I've recently rediscovered all my old four track recordings from the 80's and 90's (yes, I'm getting on a bit!) and want to listen to them again, however, I do not have the original Tascam Porta 05 four track recorder they were recorded on - does anyone know if I could successfully play these tapes back on any cassette based 4 track recorder, or will they only really respond to being played back on another Tascam Porta 05? (they seem to be a bit rare on the UK ebay site!)

Thanks in advance.

Zoom F8 Multitrack Field Recorder

Zoom released this last year and want to know if anyone's made any recordings using it for music or video, and if so any thoughts on quality, functionability, pros and cons. Some of the reviews I've read are saying the pres are nearly if not "just as clean" as the Sound Devices 744T, and more than 4x less expensive than the SD.