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QY300 question

Hi all. I have a question regarding the QY300 sequencer. I just purchased one and can't find any information in the manual about hooking up various keyboards, so as to control them individually from the QY. There seems to be nothing in the manual regarding this. So how do I set it all up to record midi channels and play them back without having to listen to the QY's internal synth?  I've tried to find tutorials on it, but all they do is give me the lowdown on the internal synth.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Cubase 6 external sequencing problem

Hello I have a QY700 external sequencer to control cubase. I record midi tracks into qy700 and play vst instruments inserted in differents tracks in Cubase 6. I set up the transformer in each midi track in Cubase to filter each track received from the qy, so that midi track 1 in Cubase play midi track 1 from qy, midi track 2 in Cubase play midi track 2 from qy, etc.. Problem : Cubase only plays the track that is selected. For example, if I select track 2 in cubase, it will play the track 2 from qy700, but track 1 doesnt play what the midi track 1 from qy700 is sending..

A hardware multitrack recorder with some sequencing functionality?

This is something I am looking for currently. A multitrack recorder with digital I/O and a sequencer to do production with. It needs to be able to record and replay via a multitrack digital interface such as USB or FireWire or eSATA. It also needs to have some type of control signal system, anything but 7-bit MIDI CC, for recording automation in a host program. Is there something that fits the bill?

Question about track list sequencing. .

I'm recording a demo through Adobe Audition 3.0. There is one song that I have feedback in at the end. I want to know how I can blend in the next song on the track list so the feedback from the first song is heard as a transition instead of a silent pause in between tracks. What software do I need and how do I do it?

-Thanks for any help

Better (faster) tools for recording & sequencing

Hi all,
I'm interested in some advice on what software to get. I've been using Cubase SX for multi-track sound recording and sequencing for backing tracks; however I find the sequencing part extremely slow to use compared to the "tracker"-style software I was using 10-15 years ago. At the moment Cubase is using Reason for instruments, but the actual drum parts etc. need to be controlled from Cubase as it gives more flexibility. Can anyone suggest a better setup?

Sequencing/electronic music?

How can I get started making really great electronic music?

What are the top sequencing programs?

Fruity Loops was horrible when I last used it.

anything like that but not as bad?

I'm also looking for quality (fake) midi acoustic drums... that sound real? I've hear them all around especially in new video games... they sound great... Don't know where to find em...

So basically: how should I go about creating electronic music?


What sequencing software do you use for programing drums?

..and why?

I'm looking torwards getting the Drumkit From Hell 2 sample library + sampler and I would like some opinions on various sequencing/recording apps from the perspective of programing drums...

My needs a pretty basic I need to program drum tracks and record some guitar and bass over it. The recording part is a piece of cake, I'm just curious as to what app has the most user friendly and robust sequencer as I'm new to sequencing in general.

Best recording/sequencing software

Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience comparing the many different types of:
1. multitracking software
2. wave editing software
3. sequencing
or perhaps suites that contain a combination of the above. I find that Cubase sx3, sonar5, and Pro Tools are some hot multitrackers, and gigastudio is one of the best sequencer/samplers. Anyone have any input on these? which of these would you say is better?

Help with Drum Sequencing!

I have a Zoom RhythmTrak RT-123 drum machine. It only has a MIDI in, and I want to have my sequencer (Cubase SL) trigger certain sounds on the Zoom.

My problem is, the sounds I want are not in the GM drum map. I am having a very difficult time figuring this out. I have the Zoom manual which maps the sounds, but the numbers don't seem to match up with the options I have in Cubase.

For example, in Cubase I have options like I-Note, O-Note, and channel. On the zoom, I have info like Note, Pad and Kit number.


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