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Silent PC's... Laptop vs. desktop... performance vs. silence... strategies?

Currently I'm recording on my 2007 vintage laptop. It was smokin' fast and powerful in 2007 and I have no issues with performance as far as recording goes with it now -- but it's very loud as it has two internal fans that I cannot turn off.

Performance used to be a function of power - and power needs cooling - particularly in laptops. As I look to the future I know that a dedicated PC for recording looming - and I assume that if I want silent that I'll be looking at desktop -- but is this a given?

Silent portable recording with MOTU traveler mk1


Is there a silent, cheap and portable recording solution for recording 4 tracks simultaneously at 24bit/88.2khz using my MOTU traveler mk1.

I can currently do this using my vintage P4/3ghz/1gbram laptop, but the laptop fan noise can be an issue and it's more cumbersome than necessary.
I only need the laptop to lay down tracks that I can transfer to my pc for mixing.

Silent PC not silent! Please help!

I have just registered with and am in desperate need of help!

About six months ago I decided to revamp my studio and invest in a DAW of some type. My studio is only the size of a single garage with rockwool behind plasterboard walls, wood (laminate) floor and the recent addition of an Auralex alpha DST kit to help with acoustics. I play jazz guitar and want to record some good quality demos for solo jazz guitar, my jazz guitar duo and also my trio which has the addition of tenor sax.

Silent But Deadly

OK. This cockamamy idea will probably get me branded as a physics phool and an airflow airhead. OR -- I'm giving away a money-making idea for free.

Here it is:

Count Rumford Meets Steve Jobs

You know how we would all love to string a mike boom over the keyboards and in front of the monitor -- kinda like a giant gearshift, and drag down a vocal mike and hit the red button -- but WE CAN'T because the darned Mac/PC under the table is droning so loud, your vocals sound like you recorded them in a laundromat?

Really Compact-Silent DAW - build questions

Hello DAW folks,

Firstly great forum and some quality posts.

As a new visitor I could really do with some kind factual cautions and encouragment.

I have been considering taking a perverse root to making a very compact and virtually silent DAW from a new Shuttle barebones SS51 system base
A Review of the system base is on anandtech and pitches the ASUS P4B533-V (Intel 845G - DDR333)
against the Shuttle SS51 (SiS 651 - DDR333)in performance tests, see it here:-