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Recording a fusion based guitar track. Trying to get some thwack.

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4 months 2 weeks

This has been a real fun one to do. The piano and brass parts are all plugins and I'm not a keys player so I had to transcribe my lead guitar parts note for note. I *think* I just about pulled it off..

I also applied some compression and adaptive limiting (noth courtesy of Logic Pro) on the master. (Hopefully I didn't overdo this).

I'm Back After a Break w New Songs 4 u 2 Critique - 1st Up "Damned If I Do (Don't)"

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7 years 6 months
I have been absent from this forum (that has been helpful to me) for awhile, but I'm back to have you guys help me build the 1st CD of a 3 CD set of hard rock and metal songs.
This song is called Damned If I Do (Don't), and if you could play it in your good listening environment, please let me know what adjustments I could make. I'm going for, at least, a good demo quality recording to give to fans of the band.
Mix 87 is the latest, with more dynamic range, and is less squashed

Tear my work apart please!

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21 years 2 months
This is only regarding "The Journey"

By all means tell me everything that is wrong with the quality of the song "The Journey" so I can improve.

As a disclaimer, this music is not serious, it's supposed to be me having fun, messing around making mock glam metal to prepare for a serious project.

I am aware drums are too compressed...

best compressors for tracking, mixing, or mastering?

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My question is...what are some of the best compressors to use for tracking, mixing, or mastering? Out of these compressors which ones are worth buying? Behringer Tube Composer, ART Vla Pro, Avalon, Aphex, Jomeek, Dbx 160's, Focusrites, etc... If I didn't mention some great compressors...please name some :p .

Tom Tom’s - Where’s the THWACK?

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21 years 2 months
Ok, what do you guys do to turn that “nice” natural sounding tom, with overtones and everything, into something that would fit right into a Nirvana or STP record?

And let’s not drift off into mic placement, tuning, heads, etc. The drummers gone home and it’s time to mix!