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The mics in the center of the circle scheme worked okay, thanks!

Hi folks, I got some advice here about a scheme to set up a simple unobtrusive set of mics in the middle of the circle at our weekly Irish session in order to have a collection of recordings to help us hear ourselves afterward, and, you know, for the same reasons people take pictures of each other I guess. So, I got the two ribbon mics (two cheap used SE X1R ribbon mics) and a Cloudlifter CL-2 and the whole thing runs off AA batteries and phantom power through my Tascam DR-40x.

Microphone for Duet Singing

Dear all,

I am new to microphones and would like to ask for your advice.

I am looking for a microphone for stage use, for duo singing. Such that two singers' voices would be picked up by the same microphone at the same time and the singers wouldn't have to sing directly into the microphone so that they can sing harmonies simultaneously. I am looking for something like one of the options in the pictures below:

Antelope Orion Monitor Output Calibration Question

Hi everyone! I am hoping to get some clarity here on what level was used to calibrate the Orion 32+ Gen 3's Monitor Outputs - in particular whether a -20 dBFS or -18 dBFS 1kHz sine wave was used to to calibrate the outputs to +4dBu?


If you are wondering why I want to know, it is because I would like to calibrate my analog monitoring chain and my speakers. Being the Orion is first in the chain I want to know what the outputs are calibrated to.


My latest instrumental.. trying to nail the drums. How do they sound...?

Hey all,

I've been working on a new instrumental. Well, it's actually a re-work of a track I first attempted 20-odd years ago. Anyhow, what does everyone think? Have I nailed it?.. I'm trying to get the drums to sound 'decent'.. Might have over embellished in a few places..

At usual, I'm mixing on my trusty DT-990 pro headphones.



Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume IV - Budget Consumer Equipment (FOSTEX 3180)

Hello everyone,

Another installment into my "Cheap Spring Reverb" series. This time I take on the Fostex 3180. This noisy little machine adds a nice sheen to any track I pass through it. Very versatile in my opinion if you aren't looking to spend a large sum of money. I think I picked up mine for something around $100-$200 a little while back. Well worth the money I would say.

One of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on recently

I've known David Myers for many years and never knew that he played piano. He mentioned one day that he'd like to record one of his original tracks and asked if I'd produce it.


The track was recorded and mixed in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Guitars and bass were recorded direct using the Kemper.

I was completely blown away by his composition and playing. This has been a most enjoyable project and I hope there'll be more like this from him.

As usual, we filmed the sessions..


Stereo recording from the center of a circle?

I’d like to make recordings of our group of musicians who play irish music. We get together every week and sit in a circle, in a private space (not a bar), and play Irish tunes. I’d like to avoid interfering with the group dynamic in our small circle and not be intrusive, so here’s my thought, let me know what you think. I could put two figure-eight mics in the center of the circle, head to head (one upside down above the other, at 90 degrees, similar to blumlein but we’re around all sides) and hopefully get a decent stereo recording.

Studio Recording Mic Choice Help

Hello everyone, I am currently at university studying sound engineering and am conducting some research on microphone choice in the industry. I am calling on anyone with studio recording experience to complete this short questionnaire (~15 minutes) giving your 2 cents on which microphone you would use in specific music recording situations. The link is below if you'd like to give it a crack, any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thinking of switching to Reaper

I'm strongly considering switching to Reaper as my main daw. While I've dabbled with samplitude and do like it, I'm finding there's some things I don't like. It's upgrade price is rather steep and seems to rarely include major updates. It's hybrid audio engine is a bit limited relative to others if I'm understanding their operation correctly. Also there's a nag screen about updating that when I open the program, despite clicking the do not show again box. Also it's not really Atmos compatible with only 7.1 output.