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Ok so i've had the same issue with 2 separate units now. When making a patch, I set the key of the song in "hardtune" and no matter how many times I store the preset, as soon as I scroll to another preset and go back to the one I had just saved, the key as been reset to C. So obviously this unit is completely sabotaging it's own purpose and driving me insane at the same time.


pcrecord Mon, 04/10/2017 - 06:32

Another thing, if the Voicelive is on autokey detection (from midi or audio), it won't keep the key in the patch.
Do you have a guitar au aux input connected ? I think it will deactivate hardtune...

In the manual :


When this parameter is ON (default), the Key and Scale set for a NATURALPLAY SCALE preset affects all presets. This allows you to browse SCALE presets without having to change Key every time. In this mode, Key and Scale settings are not saved with a STORE action. When set to OFF, key and scale is configurable per preset.