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One of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on recently

I've known David Myers for many years and never knew that he played piano. He mentioned one day that he'd like to record one of his original tracks and asked if I'd produce it.


The track was recorded and mixed in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Guitars and bass were recorded direct using the Kemper.

I was completely blown away by his composition and playing. This has been a most enjoyable project and I hope there'll be more like this from him.

As usual, we filmed the sessions..


Stereo recording from the center of a circle?

I’d like to make recordings of our group of musicians who play irish music. We get together every week and sit in a circle, in a private space (not a bar), and play Irish tunes. I’d like to avoid interfering with the group dynamic in our small circle and not be intrusive, so here’s my thought, let me know what you think. I could put two figure-eight mics in the center of the circle, head to head (one upside down above the other, at 90 degrees, similar to blumlein but we’re around all sides) and hopefully get a decent stereo recording.

Studio Recording Mic Choice Help

Hello everyone, I am currently at university studying sound engineering and am conducting some research on microphone choice in the industry. I am calling on anyone with studio recording experience to complete this short questionnaire (~15 minutes) giving your 2 cents on which microphone you would use in specific music recording situations. The link is below if you'd like to give it a crack, any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thinking of switching to Reaper

I'm strongly considering switching to Reaper as my main daw. While I've dabbled with samplitude and do like it, I'm finding there's some things I don't like. It's upgrade price is rather steep and seems to rarely include major updates. It's hybrid audio engine is a bit limited relative to others if I'm understanding their operation correctly. Also there's a nag screen about updating that when I open the program, despite clicking the do not show again box. Also it's not really Atmos compatible with only 7.1 output.

Audio Editing Software

Hello everybody,

I have worked many years with Peak Bias. Unfortunately now this software doesn't exist anymore, it had excellent tools, the one I mostly regret allowed to automatically create regions through a threshold (set by milliseconds and dB) and automatically export them progressively numbering the filename. Since Peak hasn't been produced anymore I have searched this is a function in many softwares, without success. Maybe someone of you can suggest me an editing software including this feature?

Video studio layout?

Thinking about a video studio with two sets, one at each end of an isolated room.

Anything obviously terrible about this layout?  Would the deflected walls / ceiling design be sufficient to deal with resonance?

Could the building's exterior wall be an "M" in the M-A-M design?  What would the material layers look like?  Open studs on the inside filled with Roxul, two layers of sheet rock on the outside, then wood and siding over that?

Prog rock guitar instrumental -- trying to go for a larger drum sound. How did I do?

Hey All,

This is my latest composition that I recorded over the last week. As usual, I mixed it on headphones.

In contrast to some of my earlier recordings, I though I'd try out a different drum kit (courtesy of EZDrummer) and tried to sharpen my programming skills. I quite like the sounds -- seems quite 'live' but would be interested to hear what other people think.

Does it work?

Compositionally, the track is a mix of 5/4 and 4/4 time signatures.

From Focusrite Voicemaster to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Hey everyone,

I'm struggling to connect my Focusrite Voicemaster to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Phone for recording. The connection goes like this:

Microphone -> Focusrite -> Focusrite Headphone out TRS cable -> TRRS to 2x TRS Mic/Audio Splitter -> TRRS to USB-C Adaptor -> Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The TRRS to USB-C Adaptor is working fine with a TRRS Headset.

The TRRS to 2x TRS Mic/Audio Splitter also works fine with a TRS Microphone connected to it's mic jack.

Get free version of Muzz

Muzz is a NEW real-time audio analyzer for inspecting the contents of live sound and music audio files.
The purpose of Muzz is to help analyze an audio signal to understand the characteristics of this signal (fundamental, harmonics, feedback, etc.), to describe the source/room/receiver behavior. This is achieved by providing a set of above 20 different spectrum analyzers to visualize audio data.