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Do VCA's effect bussing gain stages.

Hey I've been thinking about setup of a new template.  I generally use a fair bit of bussing for submix/groups. Like grouping the kik and snare and tom drums to their own bus, then feeding those busses to a drums bus. Ditto for vocs guitars keys ect.

So my question is if I set up a vca for say the kick drum bus, can I then have the ability to turn up the kick drum, without effecting the gain staging to the drums bus. I'm trying to figure out how to turn up tracks or groups without effect what I'm feeding to the compressors that are further down the line.

Amps suddenly stopped working in stereo but still work in bridged.

I've got 4 Accusonic/Show amps (2 x PSA-3900, 2 x PSA-31500), all four of them were working in all modes (stereo, bridged, parallel/mono). The following day I was testing them out and all of a sudden all four amps only work in bridged mode but not stereo mode or parallel/mono mode. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before? I'm testing each one on their own so it shouldn't be a power supply/voltage drop issue. The only thing the four of them had in common is that they were all plugged into the same power bar running through a DBX Driverack PA2.

Weird Sound

Hey people. It's been a while. I used to post here a lot back when I was full time in the industry. I'm trying to get back into recording a little bit. It would be great to reconnect with ya'll again. I downloaded a new DAW today and fired up a Scarlett interface that I had laying around. I can't get it to work right. When I record I get this weird electrical sound. Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot this? I already tried switch the mic and cable. I'm using a power conditioner for everything that's running off AC.



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