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Figure-8 Mics, ribbons and 48V Phantom Power


I'd read a few internet posts over the past few weeks about ribbons, and they pulled up the old advice about destroying them with phantom power, so I did a little Googling and also noted many newcomers to recording really didn't ever come across fig-8 pattern mics at all - so I've been doing a few videos and did one featuring just a bit of chat about fig-8 patterns and a little demo of how they actually sound when you move the mic - then I figured I'd plug up a ribbon in place of the condenser and see if it broke - as the usual tales of doom decree they do.

How to get a clean/clear vocal recording?

Hey guys, I’m just gonna lay out my situation here...
So I just picked up the AKG C414 XLII for recording some vocals at home. I run directly into a Scarlett 18i20 interface. Pretty unexperienced with most technical stuff. I pretty much exclusively go direct line in for keyboards and mics, just find good levels before recording to get it sounding good at the source,, don’t know what else i’d really do?

DIY Drum Recording Article

Hey guys,

I wrote a blog post about recording drums on my studio website. I want to help out bands who record themselves, be it demos or proper albums. Bands are going the DIY route more and more these days.

Often I get sent sub-par tracks to mix so am attempting to raise the bar a bit!

I would appreciate some feedback on the post, thanks!




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