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Got a chance to buy the Midas XL42 as well as a Klark Teknik DN504 4 ch compressor.

Anybody have any experience with either of these (especiall the Midas)?

What are they going for new and on the used market?

my window of opportunity for the Midas is short.

Appreciate any help.

Ciao for now,

Woods Palmer

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anonymous Tue, 10/01/2002 - 22:04

Don't have any experience with the Midas pre although I have used Midas consoles for live work. The pre you are talking about is based on the XL4 preamps. They are very musical and smooth although I don't know how they would translate to studio use since I've never recorded with them. The Klark Tecnic compressor I highly recommend. It is of the more transparent variety. I think it is a great compressor, especially for vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, etc. I have never used it on drums but on the instruments I have used it on, it has never disappointed. Hope this helps.