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Hi .. I'm an old broadcast / production guy who retired from radio shortly after everything went digital. I'm pretty proficient with all the older analog recording stuff (you know, the reel-to-reel 8 track recorders, vinyl, carts, etc) but some of this new digital technology has got me stumped.

I'm trying to help my local church install an in-ear monitor system and I'm having trouble getting the optical signal from the board to the in-ear system.

Here's what we have so far:

- Yamaha 01V96 digital mixing board with 24 optical in (from mics and instruments from the stage) .. this is already setup and working.
- Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-I input module (19" rack mounted)
- 100' CAT5 cable from the input module to the stage into the P16-D
- 8 of the P16-M personal monitors on stage

I've managed to figure out how to route the signal of a channel on the 01V96 to an AUX out and then send that AUX channel to the P16-I. The trouble with this is that there are only 8 AUX channels on the mixer and the P16-I can take 16 optical inputs so I'm only using half of it's capacity.

I've played around with a few settings and menu items on the board but have had no luck in getting the sound to go to BOTH the optical out (to the P16-I) AND the master out to the house. Somehow I managed to get the signal to go to the optical out but then I lose the master out signal.

So I guess I'm looking for someone who is really proficient with the 01V96 to give me some step-by-step info on how to configure the board so that I can send the master live signal to the house (master out) and send the monitor signal via ADAT (slot) out to the P16-I so the band can hear the sound in their in-ear monitors.

Hopefully this is enough info and I'm sorry if I'm missing some key information. Like I said, I'm still pretty new to all the digital stuff and the routing is making my head spin.



Boswell Tue, 12/11/2012 - 09:41

This isn't difficult, but there are a couple of things you have to get right on the setup of the 01V96. I'm assuming you want to take pre-fader direct outs from the mixer to the monitoring system so they are permanently on and independent of the mute and fader position on the channels and hence independent of the FOH mix.

To send direct outs to the ADAT outputs, you need to set up the routing by going to the PAN/ROUTING menu and highlighting the D button in each channel's routing matrix. P86 in the manual covers this step. The function is spread over 2 screens if you have more than 16 channels active. All the S buttons should be active on all channels.

Having made the direct outs available for output routing, you then go to the PATCH/DIRECT OUT menu and set the Direct Out Destinations of the first 24 channels to be ADAT1 to ADAT8 and SL-01 to SL-16 respectively. You need to check that the direct outs are set PRE-EQ on the selector at the bottom of this screen. P125 in the manual covers this.

This procedure will set up the first 24 channels to be sent pre-fader to the ADAT outs, but you could select any 24 of the 32 mono channels by appropriate patching. If you need more channels than that, you could also use the 4 analog Omni outs. Beware that the timing is slightly different between the digital outs and the analog outs, and, of course, you would have a double conversion in the analog channel routes, so leave these for less important channels.

Good luck!