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Recording drums in my home studio - journal thread

It's my first post on the forum so - Hello!

I'm starting this thread to show my journey with learning how to record and mix drums in my home studio (and some bit of music productions too), so any advice and tips are more than welcome!

Here is my latest recording:
Some grooves inspired by my almost half-year stay in Central African Republic.


Lucidity Thief -- aiming for a kind of 'juxtaposed Zappa' sound.

Hey All,

This is another recent track I've been working on. Used my tele and some Bias Amp 2 plugins for the amp simulation. All drums were programmed in EZDrummer, and bass in EZBass. Mixed on a pair of DT990 Pro headphones (like the other track I recently posted); unfortunately I don't have the space for decent monitors. I sometimes find the DT990s a bit difficult to mix bass well on (usually I mix it in too loud). Hopefully I nailed it more or less here?

Overall I was aiming for a kind of 'juxtaposed Zappa' sound..

Thanks for any listens and/or feedback.



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