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Issue with playback volume

Hi All,

I've recently re-setup my Mackie 24.8 track, after about a decade of not using it. 

The desk isn't bad, - and it does what I want it to do, However - If i record a track, and then play it back, the playback volume is way quieter than the initial recording volume.. 

I've got no idea what's happening.. Please could somebody give me any suggestions on how to fix this? 

Many Thanks.



Pro Tools Crash when using Time Compression/Expansion in Audiosuite

I select an audio track...i open under Audiosuite any of the time compression plugs (Avid system TCE, Serato PnT Pro, Waves SoundShift, Etc) ...i managed to analize teh audio....hear teh preview...but....when i clic RENDER Protools immediatly crashes


Digi 003 Console

Pro Tool HD 12.5

Win 10

Big-band blues with a hint of metal

Hey all, I've been experimenting with a couple of things here:

- Using logic pro's 'envelope' plugin on snare, kick and toms to add punch (I gather this is like a poor man's SPL transient designer -- I'm still tempted by this plugin , but I'm quite happy with logic pro's version). I'm quite happy with the drum mix on this one, what do other people think?

- Logic pro's studio horns plugin to add some big-band esque stabs

Akai MPK 249 Toggle switch wont engage

Hi, I'm new here and new to Pro Tools so I don't know much. I am using the Ueberschall Elastik 3 player to assign drum loops to my midi keyboard. The problem is, the loops only run as long as I hold the key down. I need them to run when I engage the key and turn off when I depress it a second time. I read the Akai manual and I think they refer to this as setting keys to toggle. I can't get it to work. Can anyone tell me an easy way to activate this toggle feature? Thank you very much.

An instrumental prog metal song. Appreciate any feedback!

Hey all, this is an instrumental progressive metal track I've just spent the week recording. I'm mixing on rather crappy headphones due to space limitations / not wanting to annoy the neighbours, etc., so I'm not sure how well I can trust my ears.. Would appreciate any feedback!



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Virtual Highway - The final track from my soon to be released album

Over the past couple of years, I've posted various tracks/videos of the recording of my fourth solo album. The album is finally going to be released and I thought that I'd post the final track/video.

The album was produced in my home studio over the past few years notwithstanding COVID playing a huge part in slowing everything down. I intend to release it on all streaming platforms as well as releasing a limited run of CDs.

I'm in the process of putting together a video showing the recording process of some of the tracks etc.

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