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M/S and mixing ribbons and condensers - possible phase issues?


I posted recently about a job coming up where I was going to use a condenser mid mic, and a ribbon side mic, and useful piece of information emerged. There was some evidence that as ribbons use a different operational mode there would be a 45 degree phase shift, and this could wreck M/S recordings which use combining channels to produce the stereo channel that can then be adjusted in width after the recording - a useful technique.

  • Guitar Condenser (Mid)
  • Guitar Condenser (Side)
  • Guitar Ribbon (Side)

Audio Interface recommendations?

I’m an old timer and I’d like to get back to mixing out of the box on my console. I’m looking for an interface that has a lot of outputs. Preferably a lot of line level i/o and preamps aren’t necessary (the idea being to connect it to my console and record that way... with my protools rig standing in place of a tape machine). Ideally I’d like at least 16 outputs. So I’ve been looking at the Cymatic utrack24 and the Allen and Heath ice 16. The Cymatic looks perfect, but the sound on sound article on it says the DACs leave some headroom to be desired. Can anyone comment on this?

Recording Choirs


Here is the latest video on recording choirs, and follows on from the video from earlier this week where I talked about different stereo techniques.

The back story is that I had a project (actually 2 - I have another today) with choirs. I've recorded them before so asked if they'd mind me using some clips for a video. They were quite happy, so I changed the plan.



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