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QY300 question

Hi all. I have a question regarding the QY300 sequencer. I just purchased one and can't find any information in the manual about hooking up various keyboards, so as to control them individually from the QY. There seems to be nothing in the manual regarding this. So how do I set it all up to record midi channels and play them back without having to listen to the QY's internal synth?  I've tried to find tutorials on it, but all they do is give me the lowdown on the internal synth.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Finally got the band's retirement tracks done!

I posted a few tracks a while back from my band who sadly finished during covid due to one of us being really ill. I had three fairly easily, but the final three tracks were more of a problem. Luckily, we often recorded ourselves - macbook into the Midas M32 on Cubase - and as we use in-ears, the recordings are always quite clean as the stage volume is pretty low, so I even lifted one missing guitar solo from a gig in a different venue.

Recording drums in my home studio - journal thread

It's my first post on the forum so - Hello!

I'm starting this thread to show my journey with learning how to record and mix drums in my home studio (and some bit of music productions too), so any advice and tips are more than welcome!

Here is my latest recording:
Some grooves inspired by my almost half-year stay in Central African Republic.