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Curious as to see if anyone has ever tracked with this console. From the looks of it, it seems a lot of stuff for a little price.

Curious to hear opinions.


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anonymous Tue, 10/16/2001 - 01:25

I have used a 32 channel project 8 for the last five years. I have the automation package as well as the meter bridge. I am very impressed with the results that we have achieved with this mixer considering its price bracket. I can see why someone might want to mix using something else but for tracking in particular it has served very well and it looks as though it will for some time to come.

anonymous Fri, 10/19/2001 - 00:58

Originally posted by Michael J. Prichard:

Any other suggestions on consoles that may fit this ones class?


some used D&R, like 4000, 8000, Triton or a Dayner.
I have a 4000, 24 channel, a mixer that costed more than 15000$ in the mid80s. I fin dteh sound quality to be excellent, transparent sounding, very basic features (2 semi-para, 2 shelves, 6 auxes, 4 bus). But it is truly in-line, with double fader, so it acts as a 48 channel board. Insert on the main channel and the monitor path too.

good luck