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Lucidity Thief -- aiming for a kind of 'juxtaposed Zappa' sound.

Hey All,

This is another recent track I've been working on. Used my tele and some Bias Amp 2 plugins for the amp simulation. All drums were programmed in EZDrummer, and bass in EZBass. Mixed on a pair of DT990 Pro headphones (like the other track I recently posted); unfortunately I don't have the space for decent monitors. I sometimes find the DT990s a bit difficult to mix bass well on (usually I mix it in too loud). Hopefully I nailed it more or less here?

Overall I was aiming for a kind of 'juxtaposed Zappa' sound..

Thanks for any listens and/or feedback.

Shark Sandwich (a rock instrumental homage) — how is it? Thanks.

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here — I’ve been working on some new stuff. Borrowed a friend’s 7-string, and additionally used my tele and a semi acoustic. Drums were programmed in EZDrummer, bass programmed in EZBass and strings using Logic’s studio strings.…

Anyway, I appreciate any feedback on the overall mix, the arrangement or anything really!
Thanks in advance for the listen!

Cheers very much,


Vance Powell - Recording Studio Rockstars

Hosted by the Grammy Award-winning engineer Lij Shaw, Recording Studio Rockstars takes you behind the scenes with some of the world’s greatest producers, engineers, and studio owners to help you take your recordings to the next level. Lij has posted hundreds of insightful interviews over the last four years with guests like Vance Powell, Michael Beinhorn, Graham Cochrane and many more

Counterfeit Shure SM7B Microphone

We've known that counterfeit mics are available for years - the SM57 and SM58 dodgy mics being well known, but a friend sent me an SM7B to try.

Things didn't go that well, to be honest - but not in the way you might imagine. One thing is clear, you do need to be on the ball. In the video, I've run through what I found, and you can hear the genuine SM7B against the fake.

Recreating Carpenters harmonies for stage tracks

This might be interesting - we produce a lot of show tracks. Mostly used as click tracks in stage type shows - for where you need extra musical parts you simply cannot do live, or as emergency tracks where a band member might simply be unable to sing due to illness - the usual coughs and colds, or where simple medical issues make certain thing impossible.

Cassette Recorders - The Tascam 112 Recorder from the 90's

I just dug out my old Tascam 112 cassette recorder that's been sitting in the store which I bought in the mid 90s - and I've done a comparison between something recorded in my DAW at 48K, 32 bit floating point, then this file re-imported as a 320 MP3, and then the .wav recorded onto the Tascam, reimported back to the DAW.