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Recreating Carpenters harmonies for stage tracks

This might be interesting - we produce a lot of show tracks. Mostly used as click tracks in stage type shows - for where you need extra musical parts you simply cannot do live, or as emergency tracks where a band member might simply be unable to sing due to illness - the usual coughs and colds, or where simple medical issues make certain thing impossible.

Cassette Recorders - The Tascam 112 Recorder from the 90's

I just dug out my old Tascam 112 cassette recorder that's been sitting in the store which I bought in the mid 90s - and I've done a comparison between something recorded in my DAW at 48K, 32 bit floating point, then this file re-imported as a 320 MP3, and then the .wav recorded onto the Tascam, reimported back to the DAW.



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