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I have a line on a MINT SM20 40 in 20 out Mixing console with 2 CPS 800 power supplies for 1000.00 is it worth the trip to get it? What would be the benefits for Live Sound? or should I just keep it for the Studio I am building?


PhilBest Fri, 07/21/2017 - 10:31

It can't be used as a whole house Mixing console? So I couldn't run Mains and the like threw it? Is it good for recording in studio then? I get the feeling this is not what I am looking for. I have never used one in the past so I have no Clue...Just being honest. That's why I am on here, I do Live sound for local bands. If this won't do that I will stick with what I know unless the resale would be worth the purchase.

bouldersound Fri, 07/21/2017 - 13:30

I suppose you could mix FOH on it, but it's specifically set up for monitor mixing. It even has an XLR split built in, so you could run a short box-to-fan snake (or multiple snakes, e.g. backline+frontline) from stage to it and a long fan-to-fan snake from it to FOH.

This mixer would be placed next to stage with its own engineer who could communicate easily with the performers. Often the monitor mixer (person) would also have a wedge of the same type being used on stage that he would use to solo the various stage mixes. He would also have headphones and/or in-ear monitors for checking IEM mixes. This would be good for a fairly large theater PA rig, one that has a similar size FOH mixer out front.

With digital mixers that can do more in less space these kind of analog live mixers are becoming obsolete. Acts these days expect to be able to bring their mixes, monitor and FOH, on a USB stick and put them in a digital board.

Bob Dunkin Sun, 07/30/2017 - 20:18

While I agree that it is primarily a monitor desk, I use it in my FOH for various reasons. I have many sends that I have to do: 4 stage mixes, lobby program sound, program sound, program video, 2 FX sends, archival stereo recording, backup mono record, and 2 media sends... So I use 16 outputs on a regular basis. For me it was a no brainer to get it. I use the last two outputs for my mains which are set and forget, and base all the other outputs based on the gain structure for the house. As I have varying ages of technology, all have to be different feeds/send levels. If it's for 'personal use' IE only you, go digital, you don't really need outboard gear. But we are also a roadhouse with various people mixing, so I like to stick with analog for this reason as well! I've used a variety of digital consoles, and there is a bit of a learning curve to them, so someone who comes in and doesn't know the console may get a little lost in how things are done. I remember using the M32 the first time and tapping the screen and wondering why it wasn't working...and was then told it's not touch screen (which I'm used to on the QL1).

dvdhawk Mon, 07/31/2017 - 21:24

PhilBest, post: 451427, member: 50720 wrote: What would be the benefits for Live Sound?

Do you have a medical insurance deductible you're concerned you may not reach? It would be almost certain to catapult you right over that deductible.

It's 200 pounds without a case, probably 300-350 with a case. Another 45 pounds just for the PSU. Do you employ enough guys to get this thing up the ramp at the end of the night? Or down the ramp without crushing someone at load-in?

It's a very capable console, but seems like a lot to haul around for "live sound for local bands." It is (was) definitely more at home in an 18-wheeler doing monitor mixes for national acts (up to a certain level), big fair / festival shows, or in an in-house install situation such as Bob's - where you don't have to schlepp it around.

pcrecord Tue, 08/01/2017 - 12:12

Here is my humble opinion ;

Could that mixer work in a studio and/or live, yes ! But would you really want to ?
Nowaday live mixer have gone digital. True, they might not sound as good but the commodity of not having to bring a ton of external gear (Comp EQs etc..) is huge.

In the studio, again it can work but what would it bring to the sound ? Nothing special.
Having a few highend preamps would give more character to the sound than this mixer.

Serioulsy, it's not a neve, ssl or anything to call home.
You get to decide what you expect out of that buy. Plain fonctionnal or wait to setup for the good stuff.
I'm not saying to buy a 30k mixer for a garage band ...
There is some Yamaha LS9 going used for around 2k for live and good audio interfaces for the same amount of money...