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I am big fan of Rupert Neves stuff, and the Portico Series 5014 widener did not disappoint.  Great attention to detail in this box!

The unit had a bad cap in the switchmode power supply filter.

Portico Series 5014


Portico Series 5014 switchmode power supply filterswitchmode power supply filter

It looks like an impact failure, but hard to say.  I changed with the same value with a slightly higher voltage, and the unit seems to work.

Beautiful design!


Link555 Wed, 11/17/2021 - 06:51

The unit is back again...not good.  After some time the unit started to exhibit the same behaviour...all lights would click out and on again...Audio pop in the outputs...of course seemly randomly after the unit warmed up for a long time.  I put a meter on the +/-18VDC rails and managed to catch an event...but I did not see the power supply dip or spike...

Next I removed the V7-1218D12 DC to DC switch mode power brick (cool device 9-18VDC in and puts out +18VDC and -18VDC at 333mA).  I plugged my bench supply into the COM,+18,and -18VDC testpoint and powered the unit.  No issues...I am letting it run in for awhile.   The Unit seems to draw 225mA on each voltage rail..

5014 gutsV7-1218D12

Link555 Thu, 12/09/2021 - 12:37

Man ....Rupert Neve Designs has one hell of a team.  Truly great support from them. Super helpful,  I got the new power supply brick from them in a very timely fashion. I have installed it and everything thing seems stable again.  I left it running for 2 days without issue. 

Nice...with that level of service its no wonder why Neve is a industry leader.


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