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Spark Input Jack repair

First time working on the Spark Practice Amp. One came in with a damage input Jack.  Nice Product, well thought out design, and even sounds decent.  The owner originally requested adding balanced Lineout, but ended up not going for it.  The headphone out seems to do the trick, all be it unbalanced.


Lexicon PCM 41- Repair/Recap/Rechip

This is such a great unit, so well designed and built.  The owner mentioned the input pot was not working. The unit arrived with what looks like impact or shipping damage.  The left corner of the front panel place was bent slightly back.  On inspection I found the input pot sheared off.

Arrival of the PCM 41

I found the  sheared input pot first...

Symphonic (Pine Electronics) M13 Amp Re-Build/Partial Re-Design

Latest Rabbit Hole project....Started with adding a line isolation transformer and morphed into a complete circuit rebuild... The original circuit was pretty much a widow maker design, with direct line voltage feed the amp.


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