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Recording Bus of a different color...

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Hi all ! I'm wondering who it was (I'm thinking it was "its that guy again") who was in the midst of turning an older Prisoner Bus from New Jersey into a mobile I right with saying it was "its that guy again"? If not, and even if so, could SOMEONE send me a link to the website with the step-by-step pics of the transformation? PLEASE??

Thanks guys'n'gals...



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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 03/08/2006 - 19:44
actually, the search function on this site is not that great. every time i do a search, i end having to go through pages and pages of threads, just to find most threads, just have one of the key words, lost in the thread somewhere. I always see people jumping on people, with the whole, dont waste our time, and do a search, but, really , you cant do that great of a search..
just an observation........check it out...

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moonbaby Fri, 03/10/2006 - 06:35
We don't hear much from "it's that guy again" these days. Perhaps his toting guns and weed, as he was prone to boast about, made him a passenger on said bus!

Jim "When folks ask me how I learned to mix sound, I reply that it was during my unfortunate incarceration!" Mooney