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Recording Question

I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions about a possible recording session I have coming up.There is a local step team (stompin' and clapin') and I thought it would be interesting to record this and then mix it down with some extreme lows and crisp highs.Question is in an area I need practice in,but what would be a good mic set up for something like this.;Thank you for any help,


zemlin Mon, 01/15/2007 - 03:59
I'd look into a stereo pair of SDC mics - XY or ORTF most likely - the rest would depend on the floor. If it's concrete there's not likely much that can be done besides recording the air. If it is a wood floor, a stage, etc - perhaps a contact mic or two on the floor could give you some interesting thump to work with.

Spaced omni mics would capture LF better than cardioids - might be a good option of the recording space sounds good.

FifthCircle Tue, 01/16/2007 - 08:57
The best floors for recording have a bit of a hollow space in them. A gym floor is going to be pretty solid so while better than cement, it won't be great.

My suggestion is not a contact mic here, but rather a good boundary mic or two or three depending on the width of the dance area (like the Sanken CUB-01, not any of the crown offerings like the PCC160). In addition, I would also mic the air around- either a closer room pair, overhead mics, etc... For tap work, a lav mic on the leg of the performer with the capsule close to the shoe can work really well.

In any case on a gym floor, you aren't going to get extreme lows. They just don't exist. The only way you'll get it is from a solid spring floor with contact mics on the back.


Cucco Tue, 01/16/2007 - 10:44
So far, good advice - especially re: the gym floor.

It looks like (by your website) that you're pretty much in my back yard here. I'd be glad to come give you a hand with this if it's on a free night (few and far between nowadays.) If nothing else, it might be a good networking opportunity and a chance to catch up over a brew.

If you'd like (or if it's needed at all), I can bring by some mics to lend a hand.

Which school is it at?