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I've done a review - but not a normal comparison, but how different mics work better in different positions for different tones and playing styles.

I've got a few I fall back on, but some of the others that I like on kick drums, seemed to offer something for double bass, so I spent some time experimenting. The end list of mics was a couple of EV's - the RE20 and the RE320, two Sennheisers = the 421 and the e602, a U87 and an AKG D112. I split them after some experimentation into the more mellow vs the more bright. The results were a little different to what I expected - the 320 I liked better than the 20, the e602 is a very odd sounding mic on a double bass - but if I was going to record somebody who plays Rockabilly style - it's a good choice because it is solid at the bottom, but very sensitive to click, clacks and bangs up top. Some like the RE20 and AKG D112 were sort of neutral dark and light, and the 421, that I'd usually pop on toms or brass did pretty well too.