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condensor mic pairing

I have an interesting question.

I have an AKG C460B condensor mic. I would like to get another one to make a pair.

Now would it be better to buy 2 other condensor mics of lower quality (my funds are limited) or buy another of the same. The AKG is in very good condition and has not seen a lot of action. It stayed in a house.

The AKG is gonna cost me about $400, so hence
buy one AKG or buy 2 other condensers for $400

thanks guys


Cucco Fri, 12/28/2007 - 07:36
Without a doubt get the other 460. I used a pair of them for a lot of things for quite a while and was quite pleased.

Don't worry too much about the matching. AKG's tolerances (at the time that mic was made) were very high (and still are on some of their higher end mics). If you get one in good condition that has not been modded, you'll have a similar enough mic to do almost anything with.