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I am looking to buy a good vocal mic priced around $1000. I have heard so many good things about both of these mics but i do not know which way to go. i live in a small town in south GA so i can't really rent either of these mics and research myself so if i buy it would be a blind purchase. I would be mainly using this mic on vocals but i would also like a good mic for acoustics and possibly even electric guitar cabinets but that isn't necessary. When i refer to the AKG it is the B-XL II and not the TL-II, i cant seem to find a TL-II used anwhere but I'm not sure of the difference in the 2 except that the TL-II isn't made anymore. I have an ART PRO VLA preamp that i use right now. will the ribbon work with that pre or do i need to upgrade my pre? sorry, so much to read at one time. thanks for the input.


AudioGaff Wed, 06/07/2006 - 14:15

Two very different mic's. While you could use a Royer for vocals, the AKG would likely be a better overall mic and vocal mic. Ribbon mic's in general, require a lot of clean gain, more clean gain than most waker mic preamps have.

And you can rent mics and have them shipped to you no matter where you are on the planet.

RemyRAD Thu, 06/08/2006 - 11:56

I think you would find that the 414 microphone would be a much more versatile microphone for you. It has multiple selectable patterns which the Royer does not. The Royer is fixed at a figure of 8 pattern. I think you'll also find that the 414 microphone can take much more abuse and still live?

The 414 TL-II was actually a rerelease of an earlier capsule more similar to the C12. It had a more tailored response than their last incarnation of the 414B-ULS, which utilized a different capsule that had a flatter response. The new model has some minor cosmetic changes in different kinds of switches that will probably be more robust than their early mechanical switches were? Otherwise it is the same T L-II capsule, so there is no real reason to try and hunt down a 414 TL-II.

Now I would love to own a Royer as it is a third generation modern ribbon microphone and really sounds nothing like the earlier second-generation Beyer 160/130 series or the original RCA 44/77 or Coles British ribbon.

I wonder if Royer makes any microphones in pink?
Ms. Remy Ann David

TeddyG Thu, 06/08/2006 - 19:32

Yes, the Royer(Or one of several other ribbons - I lov-e-d the RCA, BK5!), is a mic we should all have... but, only "later", not as "THE" mic...... Personally, I will buy the "new" C414B-XLS - as it is the very definition of THE "main" multi-purpose condenser of all multi-purpose condensers. Of course there is "tradition"(Which I hate!) involved here, AND, yes, there are better and certainly similar(One by Rode, sorry I don't recall the name/number, but the price is very similar?) but, for me, the ULS, is "darned fine" for nearly everything(I would love to use one for a brass quintet I'm doing sound for, next week!). I, personally, would only have a TLII, or it's latest incarnation as a second(Maybe 3rd? Maybe never?) 414, as I can "simulate" any "vocal" boosts and bumps in the TLII's "normal" response quite nicely elsewhere, using the XLS(Outboard pre or via software), BUT, it's such a pain to neutralize these "special vocal response features" when you DON'T want them... I normally prefer a mic - period - to be as flat, going in, as possible("WE will control the audio... We will control the video...", etc...... NOW I AM showing my age!!!). The TLII, is, then, a "specialty mic" just like the Royer, in my opinion. When you know what it's differences are, through experience, and you have the need? Fine... not before......

I don't know your pre(?), but, the C414 can "make use of" a very nice pre for "ultimate" quality, though, as said, don't go too far, as only the best mics get the most out of the best pres and the C414 is NOT the best mic, just the best for the price(Even that is debatable, but I'm old and like the old stuff --- "Traditionnnnnn, TRADITION!") ---- especially the new versions!!!



And, I'd prefer a "rainbow" model, myself, dearie...

anonymous Wed, 07/26/2006 - 01:54

The C-414 is awesome for micing up guitar amps, we tried it at school, in an X-Y pattern with an SM-57 about an inch in front of the dust cover, facing across the cover to the cone. The theory is the condenser gets the lows and highs, and the '57 the gnarl. It works really well and there's no phasing, plus the C-414 takes high SPLs. It's the first time I've really been impressed with the guitar sound...just thought I'd share that with you even if it's not a priority. If your source is good this works great!


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