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Not a whole lot has changed except for the "smallies" -- Tyler Acoustics Decade D4M's to go along with the 6'3" D1's. Finally, "little, crappy speakers" that don't sound so little - or crappy.




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audiokid Mon, 08/27/2012 - 20:45

Those stacks look pretty amazing. What are the outside monitors? I'm thinking about a third pair of near fields nows. I should just buy Kurts NS 10 but... Often thought about Focals.
Where do you put your Bax in the chain? Right before the STC-8M? I just bought one (BAX ) and love it.

Here is my hybrid mixing rig and I do have little speaker lol.


Doobie Brothers on vinyl ya!

I don't think we ever had a sticky did we?

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RemyRAD Tue, 08/28/2012 - 19:36

That's a nice looking shot of your control room Chris! Really? Is that a Doobie Brothers record in the foreground? I've heard and liked the Focal's. I've never cared for NS-10's. Fabrice Dupont who just purchased my second Neve told me that Focal made the drivers in my KRK V6's. So maybe that's why I like the sound of KRK's and Focal's?

Massive! That is awesome! Don't want to be standing too close to those speakers during an earthquake. Though it looks like you could create your own earthquake? If one of those speakers falls on you... you could be killed. Do you also have a recording studio and is so? Do you call it Massive Tracks? You should.

I just need some work...
Mx. Remy Ann David

audiokid Tue, 08/28/2012 - 22:04

Thanks Remy and havana for the "like" . Yup, Doobie Brothers is on the plate. So fun reminiscing.smoke
Remy, you sold your Neve to a good home. If Fab continues to do as well as he is, I'm sure we'll be seeing it on an up and coming tutorial one day, at least in the background while he talks about plug-ins lol. Fab buying a Neve pretty much sums that up eh. I hope you got a good dollar for it.

Thanks for your input on the NS 10's. I assume they sound dull. But that's sort of why I'm slightly interested in them. If you can get a mix to sound good on those, it usually sounds pretty decent on the majority. But, that's all here-say. I've never even heard them, probably never will.

What I should really be investing in are ear buds or really tiny speakers so I get a better understanding of and how to make tiny speakers sound full. I don't see the point in investing in big monitors any time soon. I kind of think you follow the norm of what people are using to listen to and go from there. Am I way off here?

John, do those beauties benfit mixes for todays players and online media?

RemyRAD Wed, 08/29/2012 - 00:42

It's just the opposite with the NS-10's. They are abnormally bright. Certainly not dull. That's one of the reasons why Bob Clearmountain, used to put toilet paper over the tweeters. Every time I heard those things it felt like UGH, don't want to be listening to those things. The Focal's I liked immediately. They jumped out and spoke to me. I had to take a closer look at them physically to see if there was anything I could see what made them sound so good? I thought they sort of sounded like KRK's and now I know why. Obviously there is a close relationship to the Focal's and the earliest of the KRK's. You know before the Chinese get their hands on them, the KRK's.

I think Fabrice was telling me they're going to try to do a stop action high speed video of the reassembly of my former 36 input Neve, serial number 3869? Or maybe it's 3868 since both consoles were in service simultaneously in adjacent control rooms at NBC-TV, DC. I found both serial numbers in my currently installed desk and both serial numbers on the desk that I sold to Fabrice. Two identical consoles in virtually two identical control rooms. Control room A and control room B. There isn't a Neve to be found anymore at NBC-TV, DC in any control room. Now they have Calrec digital desks and maybe still have their SSL 8000? They dumped the SSL ASIS Air digital console I think into the dumpster? That was the equivalent to the Axiom M T, recording studio console. And where do you see those things anymore? These were completely digital consoles with plenty of foibles. Very versatile but completely underwhelming otherwise. They were truly awkward consoles to deal with. A rather complex turn on procedure had to be used. You couldn't just turn it on with a single switch. It wouldn't work if you did that. And that happened to me during a 6 PM ratings sweep week broadcast that took our news show off the air for a little over nine minutes for 2 reboots. OMG! And that got me real upset. Nothing like being on the air with a console under your fingers that won't work. Of course that was operating system version 1. It got fairly reliable by the time they hit version 3 OS for a few more years until it got trashed. Good riddance. It was kind of cool with 36 faders and 72 inputs in a very small frame format. Of course that didn't include all of the racked up electronics which took a couple of racks worth of space. There were also plenty of fans running in each piece of racked electronics. Something you'd definitely want to keep in the machine room. Certainly not in the control room. Which is also sort of awkward when you think about it. Sort of like what you had to do with an EMT plate reverb. The EMT was microphonic and sensitive to outside sounds. The SSL electronics just made noise in the room. I could actually hear the fans running in the microphone preamp electronics in the studio, on microphone. Yeah, newscasters lavalier microphones picked up the fans. At least I knew how to adjust the dynamics processing. None of the other so-called audio operators really knew what to do with that desk. And of late, listening to the news broadcasts, I can tell they don't have any audio operators that are actually audio operators. No one knows how to properly tweak EQ much less what to do with a compressor or downward expander over there anymore. That's because they think that anybody can " RUN " sound, today. And it sounds like it, bad. But if that's what they want, that's what they got now. They have truly lowered the bar. It's sad. They may have improved the technology of their current equipment but they certainly haven't seeked out improved audio engineers. C'est la vie.

I'm still the best all by myself. LOL.
Mx. Remy Ann David

Massive Mastering Thu, 08/30/2012 - 22:59

John, do those beauties benfit mixes for todays players and online media?

I had a client in today, very familiar with (or so he thought) with his mixes, very picky, etc.

He said "Holy f**king hell - What my mixes could sound like if I had those in my studio..." And we talked about hearing expanders and what not, edits, etc., etc., etc., yada, yada. "Listening through a microscope" came up at one point...

They're very revealing of today's mixes. These more than speakers I've used in the past (mostly my B&W N802's, where people would comment on the sound where with these, they're more likely to comment on the "depth and dimension" and things they never heard before and what not).

kmetal Sun, 09/02/2012 - 21:02

great looking rooms massive and audiokid (i'm jealous lol). when i used ns-10's w/ a hafler amp, not sure of wattage, they really didn't sound as unpleasant as i expected based on the hype i've been reading for years. i mean uncomfortably bright yes (i don't like bright monitors), but i was expecting a broken sounding speaker from a $100 casio keyboard. they didn't, i mean they are no worse than any other budget monitor i've tried. the 8k pair of quested's sitting next to them didn't really impress me either. way way too bright, although i will say they have very nice bass response.

i'm not in the market for new monitors my hr's work just fine at my home. If i were tho, focal would be top three to try first, nobody has said anything bad about them to me. I really like the meyer hd 1's that are down at the studio. they took me like 6 months to know what i was hearing, but they have nice depth, depth that doesn't come from my hrs. also a great amount of detail i like for picking out what frequencies to notch out, again not there in the lesser monitors i've used (hrs,ns10,hsm's, china krk's, on and on).