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Hi, here are a couple of pictures of my recent ceiling treatment project. My recording/rehearsal studio was too dead, and I decided to install some reflectors/diffusers to liven it up a bit.
A full writeup, including some sound samples, is at


TrevorMag Mon, 01/12/2015 - 03:33

kmetal, post: 423580, member: 37533 wrote: Excellent! Is it all painted pine? How did you arrive at that pattern?

At the outer level, each panel alternates between crosswise and lengthwise. Within each panel, the vertical reflector size (there are two sizes), their placement and spacing were random. Since the human brain is very bad at generating random patterns, I actually flipped a coin, choosing between a preset range of spacings. I avoided the risk of lots of multiples of the same spacing, due to the fact that the existing ceiling beam placements were far from regular (each panel is a different width, and all were out of square).