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Hi mastering members etc. We now have four outstanding moderators, most likely one of the finest group ever assembled on the net.

I would like to say welcome to Doug Milton (ya!) from Cyberella Studios!

In May of 2001 Doug was honored to be one of five people to attend a two-day Pro Sound News sponsored master class with legendary mastering engineer Glenn Meadows. We are so lucky to have folks like him here. Something that I'm paticularly interested in is music restoration services; Doug has been using SADiE with Cedar DeNoise. I look forward learning more on that.

I'm rushing in here and not saying enough with this announcement (a new baby is on it's way...) so to cut short with a BIG WELCOME!

Great to see you here Doug, welcome aboard!

see more of what he's been up to on: http://recording.or…"]The RO Team of Moderators[/]="http://recording.or…"]The RO Team of Moderators[/]