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Mindprint Envoice...

Are these units any good? I'm still awaiting on a JLM TMP8 for 8 decent channels of pre (money is coming, coming), but in addition..

I can get one for $350 AUS (Mindprint envoice, Mk1, not the JLM)- would just be nice to have a bit of compression before going to tape (well, hard-disc), and it's an extra preamp...

No good if it's crap though! Any opinions?

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Midlandmorgan Tue, 05/10/2005 - 05:11

If it matters, with a tube upgrade, my older Envoice is a very under rated, its not an API channel strip, but it makes a KILLER kick or snare pre, and I have used it as the go-to pre on a LOT of releases out of here...

I bought mine 4 years ago (used) for $150.00...and it has paid for itself on nearly every session...everything from drums to vox, guitars to upright bass, radio/tv voiceovers to indie label release lead vocals...

Yes, I love mine, and it sits right under the OSA MP1Cs...but like all things, it doesn't work on everything perfectly, but it works on all things pretty dadgum good...

Markd102 Tue, 05/10/2005 - 05:50

I have an Envoive Mk1

It's a decent mid-range pre. I used to think it was fantastic until I got my Buzz Audio and then the Sebatron, and then I realized it's not really in that league.
But it's still happily in my rack and finds plenty of uses.

It's main use now-a-days is as an EQ/comp for the Seb or Buzz.
It seems to work very well for this.

Guest Tue, 05/10/2005 - 16:06

Markd102 wrote: I have an Envoive Mk1
It's main use now-a-days is as an EQ/comp for the Seb or Buzz

I have an Mindprint Envoice. I am going to get a Sebatron real soon. I too have the same opinion about the Mindprint. I most likely will never sell it. I was surprised to hear that you are using the Mindprint in front of the Sebatron. If I understand you correctly?
So it really makes a difference hugh?

Markd102 Tue, 05/10/2005 - 16:40

Well, I would say "behind the Seb".
It's just that our vocalist fluctuates bigtime dynamically, so I'm forced to track with a comp. I find the Envoice comp to be quite smooth and transparent. But I also want to eventually get a higher quality comp for this purpose.
Note that I use the line input of the Envoice in this case, not the mic pre.

Guest Tue, 05/10/2005 - 17:33

Ohhhhhhhhh, thanks for clearing that up for me. I have the same problems sometimes when I'm tracking vocals. They can really rise (levels) quickly.
I am going to try that for sure. Great idea.
I was thinking about that today (about the rise in certain frequencies on vocal tracks) and that I would need a compressor to fix that.
And sence this is a deadend post.
What compressor does everyone think should be everyone's 1st?
Only top dollar ones!!!!! :!: