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The Premiums are SPL top mic preamps . They are loaded with Lunduhl trannies both in and out, plus these ones have the secondary out for redundant tracking etc. If you are looking for 8 pre's in a rack, these are amazing for drums and other acoustic tracking projects.
I'm giving this 8 channel rack away for $3200 USD paypal only. They retail for $750 each and that doesn't include the rackpack worth another $1350, which is the big ass rack and PSU used for the Neos.
This is a $7300 pre rack. You can switch out for other SPL rack products too..

Here is a thread back when I first got these, is was exciting indeed.
spl premium mic preamps and rackpack arrived today


audiokid Sun, 11/02/2014 - 12:45

Its a beautiful rack of preamps perfect for tracking drums and more. I'm hardly tracking and don't see that on the horizon for me. Most of my work is 2 channels at a time or mixing. I have come to a point, sell the stuff I don't use and invest it elsewhere.